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    I just got sent a link about this http://www.payitforwardday.com

    I love the concept ever since seeing the film and reading the book (highly recommend both if you haven’t!). I use the line a lot when I can. I saw two ladies looking blankly at their flat tyre one Sunday in Clogher Head. I asked if I could help them and they were delighted. I changed the tyre to find out the spare was one of the temporary ones that you should not drive too far or too fast with. I explained this to them and they didn’t know where to go so I made a couple of phone calls and told them a place that was open that day. A few minutes later, one of them came over to me to try and give me 10 euro to thank me. When I told her to pay it forward and explained the concept, she cried but explained that they were happy tears! If everyone did a random act of kindness and simply asked people to pay it forward, how good would that be? :D


    I love that film and think its a great concept.

    I try to do this kind of thing when I can. For eg. when I park on the side of the road and pay for parking, if I have some time left on the ticket, I pass it on to someone else. I do this alot and recently, someone did it to me, I was chuffed!

    Or if someone is short a few pence on something I’ll give it to them – and this has happened back to me as well when I was trying to pay for parking and the machine would not take my fiver, I was about to head off and get change when a lovely woman popped a euro in and paid for me.

    Its nice to be nice!!


    Big believer in this it’s like what goes around comes around doing something nice doesn’t break the bank


    It doesn’t just have to be just on that specific day, imagine what a place it would be if we all tried now and again to do an unselfish act for someone else 😉

    In the next hour I’ll head to do theshopping and chances are someone will be looking puzzled comparing a 4 pack of something for 2.39 or the 9 pack for 5.49 and I find it hard not to let them know that the smaller pack is technically better value (or maybe that’s just me not wanting certain shops to rip people off!! 😆 )


    U off to Tesco again Dave?????

    I imagine you in a cape leaping out form behind the shelves 😆 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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