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    My sister and me took the Dublin City Sightseeing bus tour last weekend with my 9 & 7 year olds and have to say, it was very good. It was nice being in the roof of the bus on a sunny day and I actually learned a lot as we went around (probably because I did not listen too well sometimes in school!)

    This was one little fact I really liked – When the Queen of England died in 1901 Irish people were ordered to paint their front doors black. Being Irish and not wanting to do what we were told, people decidedto paint to every other colour except black and thats why in Dublin, the doors are painted a multitude of colours!!


    Its a great day out, we loved it…. the busman we had was sooo Dublin and so rude in an over the head kinda way! My mother was nearly peeing herself laughing. I was born and breed in Dublin and i was shocked at how little i knew about my own City


    My sister and me were the same – we kept saying ‘I didn’t know that’!!! every few minutes!


    yeah i enjoyed it too
    we made a day out of it and did Kilmainham jail(which i’d never done before)
    Took the girls on a ramble up grafton street – which i grew up taking for granted – they were fascinated, E1 had done molly malone song in school and loved seeing the statue – was soooooo weird being a tourist in my own city but a good day had by all
    Sabbi – did you remember to finish off with burdocks chips on way home 😆


    Haven’t done the bus tour – put it on List for midterm, my dh is a DUB, we regularly head to Dublin and wander about..

    After the Tall Ships we walked around for the day, it was lovely great atmosphere, my mam (rip) used to bring us up to Frawleys every christmas to the markets up near Guinness, the smell was awful, but it was great fun..


    We ended up in Eddie Rockets, it was so nice, had not been in ages and really enjoyed that. It was the kids choice so had to go with their recommendation!!

    Libby its a great day out, you learn so much and the bus drivers are good craic, real dubs, full of innuendo and silly jokes. There was alot of ‘my missus’ and ‘my mother inlaw’ jokes. Old style but still good fun.

    For bookings, check them out here: : http://www.loveireland.com/interior-pag … lin-tours/


    Ah up to the Liberties market, God that takes me back, the smell of the Hops roasting is an iconic smell in Dublin….. its one smell that makes me home sick for Dublin.

    There is just something about Grafon Street and the side streets around it, we try to make it up every christmas, just to soak it all up and get into the mood for Christmas

    Sabbi you must have had the same Driver as us! 😆 😆 😆

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