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    Does anyone know the name of the kids science museum in Dublin? Was it something like Imagine?


    it imaginosity. its in sandyford i think. taylor was at it so she should be able to tell you more.


    http://www.imanginosity.ie it’s not a science museum really just role play for kids play area interesting but there is the national science museum alright that’s interesting enough for the kids or try duvlinia all about the vikings then ya could go on the viking splash afterwards…..try http://www.entertainingthekids.ie for some ideas….hth


    thank you ladies!


    There is the national history museum on Merrion Square in Dublin, we had ds there when he was about 2 and he loved it.
    It full of Animals and there is a huge whale hanging from the celing…. Im not sure if its open again as there was a big accident and one of the staircases collapsed during the summer… Im sure you will find something on line
    When we went to dublin we got the open top tour bus, its hop on hop off system, so you can visit all the museums in one visit (National history, Killmainham, Collins barricks etc)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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