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    Hi girls,

    Looking for some suggestions. I have just gone back to work part-time – do three days a week. I finish at 5.30. Hubby works shift so some weeks he is there to make the dinner and other weeks not. So, I have to collect kids and come home and make a dinner around 6 – way to late for kiddies. The minder is supposed to feed them dinner but so far they have refused to eat anything she gives them.

    So, I need something that is quick to make and needs little attention.


    Spag bol
    Chicken curry…
    There is a lovely pasta dish on op trans (pasta with spinage, sauce cream cheese with 15ml of soy sauce, mix in a bowl and pour over pasta… yummy!!!)


    If you have some time before work.
    I discovered the slow cooker.
    You put everything in it in the morning and it’s ready when you’re home.
    You can do you bologniase sauce in it in the morning for the pasta in the evening.
    Or a full stew.



    This is so easy you need a microwave dish with a lid put one cup of easy cook rice in the bowl a pound of chicken stirfry or chicken breasts sprinkle with a chicken oxo and cover with boiled water put in the microwave for 18 min thats it once you do it once you can then play around with it put in herbs or peas i throw in left over veg and a big dollop of chilli sauce and the kids love it x x


    i know my mil does a day cooking at the weekend where she cooks for the week, the freezes, each day takes out what it is she has planned, i know it’s a lot, but could be an idea….in an ideal world, i have found and anyone who knows me knows i’m not a cook, but the Operation Transformation meals are actually quick and simple to do and tasty too…


    I don’t find the OT meals quick.
    They are well balanced, good, filling,

    but to peel and chopped all the veg then cook it takes around 30 / 40 min.

    The answer as you said scole is to be prepared, and made cook when you’ve got time, then freeze.
    Taking a meal out of the freezer is what a call quick.
    But often ready meals are quick but not well balance in term of diet.
    Still trying to sort that out in my household.



    my sister did that weekend dinner thing for years, she had to as they were both running their own businesses and had very little she would have a menu rota, cook all the food on a Sunday and freeze… then that morning take that nights dinner out of the freezer…. brilliant for her and others but i didnt like it.

    Fabienne why dont you make a double batch of your op trans dinner… eat one portion and freeze the other, then you always have a healthy option in the freezer……. Me i dont stress over taking a Chiago pizza from the freezer every now and then, it wont kill them of me and im sure your the same. Every otherday they are getting their veg at dinner…. but making your own pizza and freezing was a great idea from Ava.
    I had Dominos pizza last night…. I had one slice and 2 bits of garlic bread and about 10 wedges…. all with a side salad. I was stuffed to the gills, right not a great dinner but this time a month ago I would have had 4 slices all the garlic bread and would have just eaten all the wedges so they wouldnt go to waste

    So Fabienne my point is if you want to have your bold dinner every now and then I think its okay but if you look at smaller portions and a salad filler…. its a bit of good and bad and everyone is happy


    Hi girls,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been thinking about buying the slow cooker – just looking around for one that suits me. I also sat down and did a meal planner at the weekend and made sure that I had all the relevant ingredients – when at home you just pop out and buy what you need as you go, when working, you have to make do with what is in the press.

    Cooking in advance and freezing seems like a great idea and very organised – which I am definately not!!!! Only did that when weaning the babies.

    Anyhow, I now have a very well stocked cupboard and all my meat divided into portions and frozen. Last week, meat was frozen in family size portions – so did not want to defrost and waste. I am a meat eater – dinner must have meat. So while the pasta sounds lovely – I would have to throw in some sort of meat,.


    I make lasagne and pies etc at the weekend and freeze them for during the week.

    If I’m in a hurry I make an omelette.

    Fyi….There is a recipe section on Mumstown -click on the left side of the screen for recipes and there are lots of quick dinner suggestions in there too!


    i have a slow cooker and its brill couldnt reccommend it highly enough

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