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    Hi all,

    I am due to return to work in April and am currently looking at creches for my son. I am a first time mother and even the thought of putting my baby into a creche is horrible. I have no choice though as I have no family that live close by. I was just wondering if you could let me know what questions I should be asking? I am sure I will be bombarded with how great the creche is etc but I don’t want to miss out on asking anything important because of my inexperience.

    Was just wondering if any of you could help me out with a list or point me in the right direction for information.

    Thanks so much,


    hi magsb,

    I know exactly how you are feeling, I have been in your shoes, but the truth is the baby will be absolutely fine, its much harder on you, than it is on them. 🙂
    I have 3 kids and am due to finish maternity leave soon myself and will have to do exactly the same as you. Here is some of the questions to ask:

    – how many babies are in the room?
    – will they have the same main carer each day?
    – do they have a set routine for sleeping/eating that we would have to get them used to beforehand?
    – do you need to bring bottles and babyfood or do they provide it?
    – cost per week
    – when do they move on to the toddler room?
    – what happens if the baby is sick
    – opening times
    – do they play outside at all?

    Bigs hugs to you Mags, it will get easier xx

    If I can think of anyrhing else I will post it up.


    oh there’s lots to ask but as Trixie says it will be harder on you than baby.
    1:Make sure they are with in ratio (baby room is 3:1)
    2: Outdoor facilites and how often do kids get out
    3: Opening hours
    4: Alot of creches can close at xmas but you still pay – do they close for summer holidays. Also payment arrangements, most prefer dd.
    5: Staff qualifications

    Creches generally are registered now and they have to stick to guidelines, they have to have seperate nappy changing areas etc

    Another question – is how do they entertain children – do they allow a TV etc

    Depending on the creches your looking at they may have brochures – ask for a copy of their brochure before going to see them I know. Write out the questions that are most important to you to make sure you ask them
    I know when ! was looking at creches for my dd I went to 4 different creches – all more or less offered usually services with odd variances, one of them i was happy enough with, the other 2 i just didn’t like the atmosphere in them, 1 i refused to go and see because of what lady said on phone and the place i chose i knew the minute i walked in the door – my dd is there almost 3 years and apart from some teething problems at the start never had a problem at all.

    Best of luck



    Thank you so much for the information for the Creche, some of the things I wouldn’t even have thought to ask.

    You wealth of knowledge is very much appreciated 😀


    😆 😆 😆 that’s cause we’ve both done it before
    When i was starting to look I asked my sister who had 2 kids in a creche and i was surprised at the amount of questions i hadn’t thought of 😉
    oh one more tip – when i was looking a few years ago most creches had wainting lists so sooner you start looking the better


    dont forget to have a good look a around the creche your self have a nosey in each room make sure they shoe you everything.


    Not meaning to sound negetive against creches but I worked in creches for years gave up when I had my son .I have to say that I would rather a child minder to mind a baby .The reason being and this is only my experience as a nursery nurse that they do not get the attention they would get if they were on a one to one .I worked the baby room for years on a three to one basis and its tough going jugling three babies at once .I did it well and the babies were very happy but there was times during the day when you would be bouncing one in a bouncer while trying to feed the other.Also i supose i did have bad experiences as a nursery nurse and did see unkindness to children.Dont get me wrong creches are good both my children went to playschool from the age of two but at that age u can tell if your child likes it or not and also to a certain degree they can tell u about their day .I hope i havent caused any offence or upset by this post but this is just my opinion and my experience over the years.


    not at all vernagorman – whole point of this forum is to be able to say things how you see it.
    I had my eldest in a creche from 5.5months and I have to say she loved it and yes they are juggling but some childminders look after more than one child at a time (all bit it not of same age) There are so many options out there for childminding and at the end of the day everyone has to find the option that suits them best.


    Just to add I also asked them what their cleaning procedure was and could I look at it – they had no problem showing me. My Creche is in Kinsealy and I really cant rate it high enough my son LOVES it and I love the he loves it but I love all the staff too. I was also very scared of putting him into the creche but its the best thing I could have done for him.

    Best of luck.


    Worked in a chreche as well (8 years ago).
    Did not want that for my children, but it was a long time ago, since lots of things have changed (I was asked to lie to parents (not really lie, but not telling them the truth) I never lied (hence boss did not like me).

    Even if the staff is friendly and qualified, sometimes it’s tough.
    It can be tough as well for a private childminder, as she doesn’t get collegues support and all….
    How many kid per adult, is important. Creches are more reliable, a childminder can be sick and you’re in trouble. But childminder will sometimes accecpt a child a bit sick, depending if she has other children.

    You have after you asked all the questions, you have to go with your guts.
    One place will suit one parent/child but not another child.
    The place needs to make the child happy AND the parents.

    It’s a hard choice but keep in mind if you’re happy your child will feel it and will be happy and well.

    Try as well totalk to some parents whoses children are going to the creche you’re thinking about.

    When I was looking for a primary school for my children. I asked around, and one question always was " what don’t you really not like in this school".
    TRy to find the positives and the negatives points.

    Best of luck,

    Member … tions.html

    Barnados have a very good leaflet for parents on the Preschool Regulations2006. It gives a good idea on what is expected of creches and does have a section on questions to ask and things to look out for.

    Hope this helps.

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