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    Hi All,
    I’m due in four weeks and have a question about babyslings. I would welcome your opinion if you have any experience. I have a 2.5 year old, whom I breastfed for nearly two years! Now I hope to BRF the new baby too but I do recall the initial weeks (say 10!) where you are feeding constantly (I mean constantly esp in the first few weeks). I cannot see how I will do this and get on with normal life with my other child and family life. What I am hoping to get this time is a good babysling that allows me to feed baby while being hands-free and mobile. Now I am not saying I want to climb Croagh Patrick with baby latched on and feeding but literally, e.g. do some light housework, prepare dinner, maybe stroll to shops if needs be. Anybody got any suggestions. There are so many sling types out there. What is most important for me is that the sling be easy to attach, suitable for a new-born (as this is the time they do most feeding) and that feeding is as comfortable as it can be when mobile. Any thughts/suggestions/experiences welcome!!!!!


    hi Lima,
    I have 3 children and still feeding last one (he will be one after a week).
    Me my self, i have no experience with smal age difference, but i have breast feeding experience miltiplay by 3.
    My thought is, if you are feeding your baby, you should have rest, your arms should rest and your body needs to be in peace, otherwise that might affect your milk flow and quality. This must be quality time for you and your baby , this is not only meal time, this is babys time with you. Breastfeeding always calms baby, because he gets conection with you. I recon, if you will do other stuff, there will be no good for stuff you will do neither for baby who is feeding at that time.

    Than there is my friend, she have a boy who is 2,3 years and just hade another baby boy who is few weeks now. she is breastfeeding little one. Bigger one should respect mumies time with little one and then when baby is fed, she can have some time with bigger one.

    Hope everything will be ok and if you managed to feed your baby so long, you will manage to do this now too! There is one funny thing, when little one comes int to family, the eldest , even if he is only 2, seemes so grown up, you will se!! Good luck and hope this helps.


    Hi Lima,

    There was only 22 months between my 1st and 2nd children and I worried about how I would cope feeding no. 2 while looking after no. 1 but it was all fine in the end. My son would climb up beside me and snuggle under my arm while I bf the baby. (I also used to worry if I could love the 2nd as much as the 1st but I need not have fretted at all. I have 3 now and an endless supply of love. I know, I’m a sap!!)

    Anyway, to answer your question, I had a fabulous sling called the New Native Baby Carrier which I bought from The Baby Orchard. They are an online Irish baby store, based in Cork. The sling cost me 50 euro and I used it for 7 months on baby number 2 and the same again on baby number 3. It was the best money I ever spent. There are no straps or buckles on this particular type of sling, it is really easy to use and brilliant for bf, especially when out and about.

    I highly recommend it. So many mums used to stop me in the street when I was wearing it, it is fab.

    Good luck with everything, its all so much easier second time around so don’t worry!!


    Hi Girls,
    Thanks so much for the quick replies and the comforting words. Oh, I am sure it will be fine and much easier second time round. To be honest, I had quite a positive BRF experience first time so I am not worried. All I am worried about is that I will have less time with no. 2 but everybody tells me the same as yourselves, that it all fits into place. Thanks the sling tip too. I didn’t use one at all for my son and I just think it will be useful for holding new baby in it rather than letting him down/in the cot, which (if my memory serves me correctly) new-borns tend not to like anyway :)) Again, thanks!


    I am so stupid, i tought you want to feed in sling …… , well sorry for me being silly.
    If we talk about sling, i have Ellaroo sling – … cts_id=119

    I bought from them, they are natural and very good quality, and colours, i love them! this is more wraparround. i found it really good.


    No, you are right. I do want to be able to feed in the sling. I am looking for the best one for new-borns but definitely one that is easy to attach and use for feeding purposes when I need to be hands-free. As I say, I don’t plan to paint the house and BRF at the same time but for situations where I need my hands. But, in general, I want to get a good sling for the new-born stage for out and about as well. So thanks, all your feedback is useful.


    I use a Manduca sling – granted, I didn’t find it until my son was already a few months old, but I found it to be great for breastfeeding. It is a bit expensive (it is made by a German company, and we bought it online and with the shipping cost it was about 113 Euro), but a friend of mine bought hers on Ebay and it only cost her 30 Euro. It has a newborn insert (but as I say I didn’t start using it till little one was already a bit bigger!) so is meant to be used from birth. I would recommend it highly. Of course, we’re all so different, and our babies too, that you’d have to look at several possibilities till you find what works for you.

    Another one I tried was called the Babasling, but I found it difficult to use when my baby was a newborn (he didn’t seem to like the position). It was better to use when my baby could already hold up his head, and then it was also nice – but not as nice as the Manduca! My husband loves the manduca too, coz it gave him great back support and our son falls asleep on his chest (and now on his back) which makes him feel really good. Anyway, good luck LIMA! All the best!!!

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