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    can anyone recommend a good butchers in drogheda not a big fan of supermarket meat

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    D Farrell’s in Wheaton Hall is very good. As well as the regular butcher stuff he also does things like his own lean spicy meatballs, beef stirfry, chicken a la king etc.


    I only have praises for my butcher in Southgate.
    And he’ll go the extra mile.
    My kids don’t like the burgers as often there is a little bit of seasonning (they are actually very very tasty), but anyway, I buy the mince and he shape it as burgers with nothing added.
    He also has sausages (not always) with porc only, no breadcrumbs, no cereals….
    And the piece of beef I like (a french cut), he always cut it in front of me from the beef itself. And if that piece is not aged enough, he’ll tell me and advise me not to buy and keep it for me for the following visit.

    Stir fry and ribs delicious.

    Very reasonable in price and honest and delicious.
    Well worth a visit.

    He knows his customers.
    You can ask odd things and if he can get it he will.

    Also you can go there and visit the fruit and veg shop at the same time.



    Southgate butchers is were i would go.. recommend them a lot..

    But Supervalu butcher counter would be worth looking at, since they have taken over Superquinn, there quality of meat is excellent.. Great deals too..

    Im very fussy when buying meat..


    Our butcher is brilliant – might be a bit far for you in Bettystown – but really excellent and worth a visit.

    Has a great selection of meats but also, great things like chicken & beef stir frys, that are already seasoned and ready to cook. For e.g. Its 7.99 for 2lbs of chicken stir fry and on a day when I am busy, this is a great dinner because its still home cooked and fresh but he does all the prep so it takes the workload off me and its not expensive either.

    Its Callaghan’s butchers just up the road from Funtasia and before Tesco.



    I’m with Sabbi on Callaghan’s Butcher…. love them, love the meat, and I’m always looked after when I go in there! 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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