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    sabbi i read an article a while back about how takeaways thrive in a recession – people can’t afford to go out to restuarants for a meal so get takeaway instead – i mean take for example a meal for 4 in our local chinese restaurant inc a bottle of wine is what guts of € 100 – be alot cheaper to get takeaway and have the same meal for a fraction of the price at home

    In Duleek we’ve lost a Londis, a great local hardware/newsagent. A pub has also closed. 9yrs ago there was 1 chipper, 1 chinese, 1 pizzera and an italian restaurant. The restuarant is now a chinese takeaway. We’ve had 2 restuarants open & close in that time and now we have 2 chippers, 3 chinese(1 has a restuarant in it), 1 pizzeria & an indian……… now for anyone that knows Duleek it’s not exactly huge!!!!


    So take-aways are taking over it seems!!

    Well, looks like its a recession proof business to be in and while I do like the odd take away myself – surely its cheaper to cook your meals at home rather than getting take-aways a few nights a week!


    I am originally from Balbriggan and my parents and siblings still live there so I am there quite regularly.

    Balbriggan used to be a lovely town but over the past few years, it has become a haven for fast food places. It has actually gotten ridiculous

    In the town there is;
    Borza chipper
    Macaris chipper
    Finger Lickin Chicken
    Eatzen take away
    Deli Burger
    A there are a few other chinese places
    And there are probably more I can’t think of right now

    Its a disgrace, nearly every shop on the main street of what used to be a lovely quaint town, is now lined with take-aways. There are no craft shops or cute little coffee shops on the main st, its all fatty foods and a smell of grease

    Balbriggan is the constituency of James Reilly and I think its a shame that our so called Health Minister has allowed his own town to succumb to this and I wonder, how is this allowed?

    There is an obesity epidemic sweeping the town and it is really sad to see and all these take-aways have to be partly responsible for that. I just wonder, how did all these fast food places get licenses?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a Fish & Chips or a Pizza or a Chinese take-away every other weekend but to see a once lovely town having its main street full of take-away after take-away is so sad.

    Many people I know who still live in the town are very upset by it. Would you be annoyed by this if you lived there?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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