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    pinata ruth

    I’m just wondering if other mammies have the same problem with this as i do. My ds is 3 3months and dd is 13 months and both have been up in arms since the clocks changed. The same happened last march and it took about two months before ds got settled back into his sleeping pattern. We didn’t notice much difference with dd but this time both of them are having real trouble. I know its only been two days already but both mornings they’re up at 5.30 normally 7.30/8.00. How in gods name can changing the clocks by one hour cause so much havoc. Why dont they just leave well enough alone. (yes i know farmers need the extra hour but so do mammies and i’m sure there’s more mammies than farmers).

    rant over.


    I hear ya 🙄 🙄 The problem in our house is the eveningtime – we have two crabby babies wanting to go to bed at 6 pm 😯


    My little boy was wallfalling tonight from about 5, I had to put him into bed at 7 because he was screaming with the tiredness 🙁


    I havent had any trouble here, the first night i always try and keep them up WAY past bedtime, so they sleep late that morning then into bed that night at normal time, saying that ds2 was falling asleep at about 6pm, but we kept him going till half seven


    we started doing ‘movie nights’ at the weekend and let them stay up a bit later than usual and they are not too bad. They were tired by 7 or so this evening – our youngest was begging to go to bed but we held off for a few more minutes and they won’t down really quickly. We may have to drag them out of bed in the morning kicking and screaming though!!! 😆 😆


    Sabbi thats what we did the last few nights too… but boy was it tough to get ds out of bed this am!


    its me that finds it worse than my DH,its great for him as he likes to go bed late & get up late…so works out better…but last night i fell asleep half way thru apprentice was so tired….think it affects us all..& so wish they would leave clocks alone…


    I find it worse the other way round..i.e when they go forward…


    Sunday was the longest day EVER!!!! was up since half 9 didnt know what to be doing with myself. Ds seems to be grand, doesnt go to bed till 9pm anyway.

    I like the dark nights but I find I put on weight cos Im bored and Im defo not letting this happen this year!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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