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    A supposedly simple thing but for many years I have always literally gone round in circles with the lights…..end up trying to shove the wires into the middle of the tree so its not all wires you see when you’re finished. Googled this year :) and found this from Martha Stewart of course….tried it. Great result, the wires are hidden in the branches, the kids can’t get to them as such now :) and the lights going along each branch means the tree is all lit up lovely.

    Takes a bit more time, but worth it.

    Starting at a bottom bough, string lights along the underside of each branch. When you get near the end, loop lights around the top of the branch.
    2. Work back to the tree trunk, winding around branch and light strand. Continue around the tree. Reverse the procedure on upper branches (or those above eye level of an average adult), stringing lights first along the top, then back along the bottom.

    http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/im … tled-2.jpg


    it sounds easy and make sense when you think about it… i got fab LED lights a few years ago 80 euro a set, we got 2 sets but i would have loved 3 sets (but dh would have killed me)
    Dont think we’d have enought ligths to do that on our tree….. if i do the tree it looks crap, dh is just a wiz at doing the tree, he take so long but its does be perfect…. i just kinda throw the lights at the tree and hope for the best 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Everytime we put up our tree myself and DH would end up arguing! I want them to be perfect and even etc whereas he couldn’t give a damn!! Very annoying!

    So two years ago we bought a prelit tree, no rows since! 😆

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