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    Hi Ladies….

    i lost my purse yesterday… was up in Tesco on Donore Road and cant remember if i had it coming home, am living in Aston Village so if anyone has found one or heard of someone finding one in tesco, the carpark, or near aston village, please let me know!!!

    also any good tips on how too find it? have been to tesco and left in my number and such, looked around where we parked, pulled car and house apart on the off chance it was at home! :(

    was lost on the 28/5/2009 (the day after my 23rd birthday, my birthday money and wages was in it!! :( what a birthday present eh!!)
    it’s not even so much the money, yeah real upset about that but its the purse im more upset about it was a lovely black purse with a next logo on it in silver, there was a picture of my son J on the inside, a picture of my dear friend Andy who passed and a white feather, there was also cards and such with my name on them, so if anyone has seen it, please let me know….

    thanks a million girls!



    Aw shelbell, I’m really sorry to hear that 😥

    I suppose you’ve already tried the guards just to have a record?

    will have a st anthony thought for you and hope he comes through.


    thanks a million Kate…

    yes spoke to the guards.

    im hoping there is still some decent people left in this world and someone will hand it in somewhere.

    will put a note in the Drogheda Leader next week aswell.


    hope you find it


    aww that sucks shelbelle, sorry to hear that and a belated happy birthday to you 😀
    don’t forget to cancel any bank cards too. hope it turns up for you.


    Sorry too hear that, lets hope someone will hand it in

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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