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    Get Smooth Glowing Skin!

    We tend to forget one very important step in our skincare routine: exfoliating. Adding an exfoliation to your skin care routine helps the natural shedding process of skin and encourages healthier, smoother, more even-toned and clearer skin. Some of the big beauty benefits are acne prevention, smaller pores, wrinkle reduction and it even helps moisturizers to absorb into the skin.

    For some reason, we assume that as long as we’re using a cleanser and applying sunscreen, we’re doing "enough." Well, as it turns out, enough is not good enough if it’s glowing, radiant skin you’re after.

    I would recommend trying the PURE SKIN exfoliating lotion. It is a combination of AHA and BHA with a peeling effect. It gently exfoliates surface skin cells, providing soft and healthy skin. PURE SKIN tonic regulates the increased sebum production, shrinks the enlarged pores and smoothes fine lines, wrinkles and scars. It stimulates the collagen genesis and the regeneration of the skin. It is ideal for acne and rosacea and all skin types.

    Apply after cleansing the face. At the beginning use 3 times a week in the evening. After the first week use it every evening and if necessary apply morning and evening till the desired effect achieved. The appearance of light pinching, burning and slight redness immediately after application is normal and disappears within 15-20 minutes. Usually a gentle peeling of the skin occurs 3-4 days after the first application.

    Always use a sunscreen with very high broad spectrum protection SPF 50+. Leave at least 30 min. interval before and after the application of any other cosmetics
    [*:24tmppq6] For normal to greasy acne prone skin[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] For scars and fine lines and wrinkles[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] To improve the texture and skin hydration[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] For blackheads and enlarged pores[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Gently exfoliates surface skin cells[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Shrinks the enlarged pores[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Regulates the oiliness[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Smoothes the fine lines, scars and wrinkles[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Stimulates the collagen genesis and skin regeneration[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Evens the skin tone[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Vitamin A – stimulates and activates cell renewal, boosting collagen-genesis of skin. Has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.[/*:m:24tmppq6]
    [*:24tmppq6] Vitamin E – Enhances protective function of the skin through its potent antioxidant and reduces Tran’s epidermal water loss. It is anti-inflammatory and improves skin elasticity.[/*:m:24tmppq6][/list:u:24tmppq6]

    You can call in to the store for a free demonstration of our PURE SKIN exfoliating lotion. Or for any other queries please feel free to call us on 041- 9872860 or email us at info@biofreshskincare.ie

    Biofresh Team x


    Hi there,

    Bought it the other day.

    Do you put it onto a wet or dry face?
    How long do you leave it on for?
    How do you take if off?



    MaryE, we’ll ask the Biofresh girls to come back to you on that asap!

    If anyone going to Pregnancy & Baby Fair @ RDS Sunday 14th April, Biofresh skincare had loads great offers at their skincare & make-up stand – they are beside Hamley’s, near the play area. Well worth checking out!

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