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    Can anyone give me any tips on toilet training a pup he is about 20 wks now he is in a routine at night & in morn kinda ok during the day but in the evening he widdles & poos in the same places.
    Last night i brought him out to do his wee, he didnt do it so i brought him in it was really cold. He dashed up the stairs & piddled on my daughters bed
    Ahh i was mad it was about 9 at night i was putting away the ironing & he was dismantling the contents of the bin in the bathroom ohh i cant control him everytime i give out to him he thinks im messing & barks.
    He is a terrier & adorable , but bold too
    please help


    There is a section down below where one of the vets posts up tips and helps us all with problems.
    I wouldnt allow a puppy have free run of the house, your just asking for trouble.
    I got my dog at about 16 weeks and she was only alloweed in the utility room or kitchen. We did have the odd piddle on the doormats but nothing worse.
    I would recommend you confine the pup to a certain area thats easy to clean and for puppy to get a routine


    Hi there

    If your dog is peeing and pooing in the same place- mix up in a spray bottle 3 parts water and 1 part white vineger and wash the area. (This is a great way of getting rid of dog smells in the house – just a tip leave to dry and then wash with a nicer smelling floor cleaner) The vinegar also brings up a great shine to your tiles.

    The vinegar gets rid of the smell as well as sterilising the area. Or you can Put your dogs bed in that spot or his/her food. A dog will never go to the toliet where he/she sleeps or eats.

    TIP– Using domestos will not deter the dog from going to the toliet in that spot only the vinegar. In dog urine it has chlorine and so does domestos.

    Using a stairgate is another good thing to use.

    We got a pup last year and we used the crate for training. She sleeps in the crate at night so no damage was done during the nite and also there is no mess in the morning. We still use the crate one year on as she loves it and she sleeps and eats in her crate. We don’t lock it during the day but it is the one place she can get away from the kids especially our 1 yr old ds.

    Good luck..




    We had a little pup and like that training was a big thing. We also used the "crate" idea and she didnt mind at all. It gave us some control over the situation and definately made it easier for her to learn.

    Now she is totally trained and doesnt have any accidents indoors…..she still sleeps in the crate at night with the door open now but she loves going in there too during the day to get away from it all……one good tip I got was to cover the crate with a cloth so as to leave it more enclosed and I found she settled better that way too.


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