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    I buy puff pastry sometimes, but the ready to use is rectangle, and all my pie dishes are round.
    Where can I find a rectangle pie dish? And how much would it cost?
    Non-stick please.



    Fabs, why don’t you just lay the pastry on top of your round dish…. and then press it against the edge of the dish, and use your knife to cut around it…. then the excess you roll out again… and use. We make pies all the time, and we use all shapes and sizes of dishes.
    You’ll get any rectangle shape pyrex / oven dish in any of the home stores, Dunnes, Heatons, Argos, Tesco….

    Unless you are looking for something more specific?


    choice on west st,


    tescos 24 hr store!


    I buy rolled pastry as I don’t like rolling it. Otherwise I would make my own. I also like the wavy edges.
    But thanks girls, that’s what I’m doing at the moment, and not cooking many pies just because of that…. Silly I know.
    Did not see it in Tesco, will check again.



    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you were going to give us a great recipe Fabienne 😉


    I have a great seasonal one.
    It taste rich and when children and adults alike likes it.
    And noone can believe it’s actually very healthy dessert, or can be eaten as a snack or instead of a side if on a diet.

    Steam some pumkin (or butternutsquash), then mash it down with a fork, add half the weight of pumkin in plain flour. That mix can be kept in a airtight container for few days in a fridge.
    It’s done nearly.
    Just spray some oil in a pan (or not if nonstick pan) and cook spoonfull of small pancakes of the mix.
    Sprinkle with sugar (or not, or diet sugar), eat hot, so so delicious.
    If instead of just a tiny spray of oil for more indulgent dessert use a tablespoon or 2 max of oil in the pan, it gives a nice crisp edge.

    Please try it and let me know.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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