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    Hi Ladies,
    Just wondering has anyone been to this place. I have seen signs for it on my way to Ashbourne but never got around to checking it out. Just wondering if any one had any experience of the place. I’ve check the web site and it has a farm and play area etc


    I was thinking of taking a trip out there too, they had a good float at the paddys day parade and they flyers they gave out looked great.
    Would love to know more about the place


    DS went on his ‘school tour’ from montessori last year and I went as a helper. It was lovely for his age group (about 4) They went into the play area which is like a smaller version of the Kangaroo Klub. They then went out to see the pet farm. They all loved this part and there are little ride on tractors to play with.

    I didn’t see the karting area which is for the older kids. I would recommend it1 They also have a nice restaurant for lunch.



    Although we didnt go into the activity area i would say it is good (we had a look around it). As far as i know it is good value too.
    Hubby has gone to the go-karting a couple of times and its great but definitely for the older kids.
    We have gone out to it a few sundays for lunch and have to say its fab. the kids eat free if they are having chicken nuggets and chip or sausage and chip. unfortunately mine always want mash and ham so i have to pay for them. it is lovely though.


    i actually took missy to santa here and it was basic but really lovely they even gave parents a token for mulled wine at the bar and they had the animals in, including a reindeer for the kids – was well worth the money.
    the activety area isn’t the best i’ve seen but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves i was there last summer with a 2/6/11 year old. The farm is good too and not too expensive.
    its family run and have to say the girls are really nice


    This is a nice place, they have a huge play area that caters for younger children too. I haven’t been to the farm yet, but I believe it is good also. The do nice carvery dinners there too! So overall, I think its worth a visit!


    Thanks for that ladies, definately sounds like it’s worth a visit.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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