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    Well, the government have gone ahead with their pay levy on the public sector. I know a lot of people thought they should be penalised but do you really think it is fair that someone earning 15K should have a 3% levy as well as the 1% levy already imposed? Could you survive on this? What would be the point in working – might as well give up and go on the dole – at least you would get some assistance in paying your bills!!!

    I am absolutely furious with this increase – I will have to pay 1%, my husband will be paying the 1% + another 7%ish + 41% tax + PRSI. I will be on maternity in two weeks. So, on our single income – we will have to pay more than 50% back to the governement before paying any of our bills!!!!


    Its very harsh… there will be trouble in the next few days… and they are saying the higher rate of tax will increase next year too!


    it does seem very harsh – haven’t read it all yet but no matter what govern do someones going to lose out


    correct me if im wrong but isnt this moeny going towards their pensions??


    whichever way you look at it, its a pay cut under a different name 🙁 it also includes local authority employees – i’m glad i’m off work till next feb & i think i’ll take another 2 yrs after that – it just wouldn’t be worth my while going back to work to that!!!!! grr…. 🙁


    Im going to be devils advocate here and say is it really a big deal??? seriously?? these people have job security, well paid pensions at retirement etc etc and they are moaning about a pay cut (when in reality is nessacary cos of the lack of income tax now being paid cos of the loss of taxpayers jobs)to help finance the state the country has become.

    Im sure there are people out there who would gladly take a pay cut just to have a JOB at the moment, i feel for the people who have been let go and just have no hope in this current climate to get another job.

    Cuts have to be made everywhere, we are all being hit somewhere.


    Not a big deal for the higher paid public sector workers! I am not 100% sure ofwhat sectors are involved but I hope the poor people on 15K are only part-time workers looking for pocket money.

    I am not sure what the current payment is on the dole, but say it is 300euro a week – this equates to 15,600 per annum. You can also get a medical card, assistance with accommodation, and various other benefits.

    A person earning 15K in employment must pay tax, prsi, the 1% levy and if they work in the public sector – they must now pay another 3% on top of that. They are not entitled to any of the benefits that the person on the dole, earning more, is entitled to.

    Certain people in the public sector do get a good pension – it is a % of their salary when they retire. A % of 15K would not be very much and hardly possible to live on.

    I have since been reading up on the % levy and it would appear that the lower end of the public sector will be paying the bulk. IE. those on 15K must pay 3% – where those on 300K will pay around 9% – they still have over 273,000 – what they pay is more than the 15K person earns.

    Anyhow, not sure if the hubby is actually classed as being in the public sector because he certainly does not have anything much in the way of a pension to levy.

    I have the utmost sympathy for those people who have lost their jobs – I have been lucky that I have been in employment for the last 19 years and when they were making redundancies in my company, I was not let go.

    Time to clamp down on those who are messing around the system and claiming where they are not entitled.

    Rant over – don’t mess with a pregnant woman 😀


    not having a go mammycool but €300 on the dole – it’s more like 204 max and after a year if spouse is earning anything halfway decent they lose that. Also the likes of medical cards and other assitance is also means tested so if spouse is working again nothing – every situation is different and impossible to generalise.

    I do have smpathy for people that are being hard hit BUT as yummy says it’s hitting everyone in some shape or form


    Well said Yummy. I worked in a semistate company for years and got superannuated after 14 years (due to health reasons) and was given an extra bonus of 4 years, I now get a pension every forthnight and will do for the rest of my life.
    My dh works in the private sector and for him to get a pension even close to mine when he is 65 untill death cost him alot of money every week. As for as I know he puts 100 a week into his pension (only 60 with tax relief)
    So why should you part of hte population get a "Free" pension and the other half have to pay through the nose for a pension?

    I know if I was still working I would have kicked up a fuss as nobody like lossing money, but jobs are thin on the ground and I know alot of people who are taking a week off every month (ie 25% pay cut) to help their employers stay afloat and save their jobs.
    Plus public sector workers dont have to worry will there job be there tomorrow so for that peace of mind they are now paying for it.

    I do think the government should have looked closer tohome and sorted out their own house and make cuts there


    someone on €15K doesnt pay prsi as they earn under €300 pw mammycool just to let you know and they may well be entitled to medical card providing they have the outgoings required, ie mortgage, childcare etc, also they prob dont pay any tax dependng on thier tax credits and if these people have medical card then they dont pay the 1% levy (nearly sure income under €18,000 dont pay the levy)

    pension is 2/3rds final salary and i bet any worker in the public servie working there 40 years is not on €15K,im not picking on you mammycool just explaing how your example doesnt ring true, sorry.

    defo think the buck should stop at clamping down on fraudsters i really do, cosi think that is where the blk of the money is going. was on rollercoaster earlier and there a girl looking to see if she can get help for her daughters first communion (ie cwo pay for dress, day out etc ) while she has mounting esb and gas debts but wants her daughter to not be left out and havea good day, REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The dole is €205 for a single person and you can get maybe half rate for children of €12 each or full rate €24 if there is no other income in the family.

    My big problemis that the Family Income Support says that a family with 2 adults and four children who has less than €800 a week will get help to make up 60% of the difference in a FIS payment from the government.

    However, on the dole people don’t get this as you have to be working to qualify in first place. (Catch 22)

    So for a family with four children getting an extra €48 a week is not a lot considering all the extra expenses children bring…and I’m not talking toys or luxuries.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think if you have a mortgage you are worse hit if you still have to pay your mortgage on dole payments etc. At least if you have a council or corporation house your rent is adjusted to your means. I know there can be help out there for mortgage payments too but its not a lot.

    I feel for people who have been working all their lives, getting by, not rich by any means but at least self sufficient. Now, when they loose a job its so hard to get by.

    Does anyone really want to be on the dole and queuing at the dole office….its so demoralising……when all most people want is to be out working and earning their own money.


    Would someone earn as little as 15K….. maybe the local lollypop lady or something!?

    Yummy that would sicken my arse someone going on about that, but there is plenty like her….. People who have a rake of kids and expect someone else to pay the price with their greedy little hands out in all directions looking for money for this agency and that.
    If you DONT have the money dont spend it, could she not wear something old herself and look in the local papers for a second hand dress, lets face it they are still like new only worn a few times and pay her feckin gas and esb bills
    Its the people who dont have the money who over spend at times like this Ie communion, christmas etc


    I know taylor that money could be spent on hleping some poor family pay a mortgage payment or too to keep a roof over their heads!!!! but sure if the system is there to do these kinda things then you will always get people abusing it. keeping up with the jonses is how people get into a financial mess in the first place.

    but Income supplement is just that its supplementing a shortfall in "earned"income being on the dole isnt classed as an income plus if you have one working and other on dole than you can apply for it nowt stopping you. you can also get elp with the interest part of your mortgage which may not be alot but still every little helps.

    mammy5 my point exactly i think people would be more than willing to take a pay cut if they could actually keep there jobs i dont see why the public sector are moaning.
    i know if my boss was struggling and thinking of letting me go to save money id defo take a pay cut anything to keep my job while times are bad, just wait till the economy turns around, people will still be giving out.


    we as kids had not much we wore hand me downs, the neighbours swapped clothes…think it was called the 80’s and cutting your cloth to meet your means…..
    i think alot of people have got greedy in recent years and have mounted huge debts…and what’s happening now they’ve a lifestyle they’s become accustomed to that they’re not happy with cutting down on…..
    the woman about her flaming daughter, should look in the charity shops they have lovely stuff……seriously….you could get a lovely communion dress and then accessorize…..
    we used to make fun of my german realitives for buying used stuff, they’ve got money and obviuosly being frugle is the way to go….

    regards the pay cuts, i do think the very high paid salary’s are taking less of a hit compared to the middle paid….unfortunately there’s cuts…and everyone regardless of what job you have are making sacrafices and loosing out….2 members of my family have had to close businesses…their drams in life now come to an end….and my bro’s girlfriend out of work child in schoola nd bills to pay….she can claim dole but he can’t as own businnes and in process of wrapping up has had no income at all in any shape or form for 6weeks….so where’s the sympathy for him…no where…..

    we have to count our lucky stars that some are working, we all need to unite and support oneanother…and people need to stay positive…we’ll all get through this…..and don’t let pride come before a fall…ask for help…and it’s ok not to have the best or newest of everything


    Oh dear, I think I have started a mutiny! Was just having a rant!

    I have a big mortgage and we are both working – I have always mananged to live within my means and am a firm believer that there is nothing for nothing in this world.

    I have always been self sufficient – this is my second time going on maternity leave and both times I immediatly start worrying about money. I like to be in control, earning the cash and not dependant on anyone – not maternity benefit or my dh.

    I was a child of the 70’s / 80’s – my father spent the best part of a year on strike and my poor mother was the one going begging to the social – to be asked what her mother would think if she knew. Anyhow, my parents thought us well – we learned the value of saving and working hard and living within our means.

    Sorry if I upset anyone, definately not on the breadline – nor would I wish to be. Hope the job situation starts to look up for everyone – the one thing we can always have is hope.

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