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    Hi, I’m new to this, hope it’s going inthe right place.
    Very early in first pregnancy and need to make a decision to go public private or semi private in mullingar. Can anyone give a recommendation?


    Hello scb666, welcome to Mumstown.

    This query has come up recently, have a look on this thread, some of the information might be helpful: Public v’s Private hospital birth


    Congrats scb666 – thats very exciting, especially on a first pregnancy. The thread linked above has a great discussion on public v’s private. Personally, I think public grand and the money better spent on baby. (thats having paid for private and feeling it was a waste of money!)

    Hope you feeling ok, best of luck.



    Think it’s very much a personal decision. You really need to talk to some people who have had their babys in your local hospital, the Lourdes here in Drogheda is a very very busy maternity hospital so i’ve opted for private on both mine & couldn’t be happier with my choice. There is a fantastic MLU in Drogheda as well but just not my cup of tea! So do plenty of research in your local area, and remember everyone is different, there is no right or wrong choice!


    Congrats on your wonderful news.
    I feel it is personal preference really , but as a mother of 3 boys, and 1 very difficult pregnancy and birth. I went public and had the best of care Good luck with everything!!!


    Hey there, Congratualaions..

    I went public in mullingar, they don’t do semi private care and I couldn’t justify paying a couple of grand for consultancy fees as you are lucky If you get to see the same consultant twice, however, the public care was outstanding.. the unit is brand new, very secure and spotless. There are only 4 beds to a room all with own flat screen tv mounted above the bottom of the bed and each room has its own bathroom / wetroom..the nurses are amazing too, they take the time to make sure you are comfortable and anything you need they will do their best to help you out..

    Also on my ante natal visits I was never more than an hour waiting which was great as I also had a two year old with me. I asked a few people who were on their second baby who were also in public what the care was like and the two woman I spoke to said they had gone private on the first but were happy to go public on second, that says a lot … in a nut shell, id recommend to keep your money and buy everything you need for the baby..

    hope this helps 🙂


    sorry, that was meant to be ‘Congratulations" 😆


    a family member of mine had her first birth private in mullingar and was very disappointed with whole system & thought it was a complete waste of money & next birth went public & found it just as good care & no complaints at all!

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