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    If you have it what do you use for it, I havent had any of it in a good while and now im slowley breaking out all over, my scalp and my hands are so itchy
    Have nothing here at moment for it and dont want to be using steriod creams on it,. I used to get creams made up in a chemist in Dublin over in thosmas street but I cant over there this side of christmas.


    probably the heat kicking it off Rossylisa i’ve noticed my little ones skin starting to go
    I use Aqueous Cream on her – i use it like a saop in the bath and smother in it and then lash it on every night when getting ready for bed. Might help


    Did you try vinegar? Isn’t it supposed to be good for everything?

    Maybe not chipper Malt vinegar but the white vinegar?


    have you tried Elave, they have a range of products for adults, kids and babies. their shampoos, moisturisers etc are very good and free from all the nasty chemicals so they won’t irritate you.

    The Ovelle Aqueous cream is great too, for putting in the bath and on skin after the bath too. poor you, thats so annoying, hope you feel better soon. x


    Psoriasis is difficult to manage and as you are finding can flare up very badly. I would recommend you go to your GP for treatment or talk to your Pharmacist which is free professional advice.

    You might need stronger steroids, but you could start with a very mild safe hydrocortisone 1% cream. Elave hydrocortisone 1% cream is available in your pharmacy for €4 and you can get without prescription. Follow the directions and apply to the itchy dry areas.

    To relieve itch use only specialised shampoos, washes and cleansers. If you hands are bad keep them away from all suds especially in your shampoo. Those of us with Psoriasis need to be very careful what comes into contact with our skin as it is so easily irritated and harsh ingredients l and can make the itch worse.
    The Elave range of products is free from all the ingredients you need to worry about and is always a safe choice. Available in your pharmacy.Elave body wash and shampoo are €6.99 each.

    I would recommend Ovelle emulsifying ointment at night going to bed to rehydrate the skin which is great value. It is free from preservatives and contains 70% lipids and will rescue acute dryness very fast. During the day moisturise 2/3 times with Elave Intensive Cream which is more easily absorbed. Moisturisation is the key to managing all skin conditions so apply your cream all over 2/3 times a day for 7 days to get the condition back under control. And absolutely no Vinegar should be applied to a a skin condition like psoriasis. Vinegar is great for stings though.
    I hope this helps. 🙂


    hi ,

    i give this to my clients info and diet related stuff

    Psorisias and Diet
    If your body chemistry is too acid you must eat more alkaline foods to assist psoriasis treatment. You can test your acid/alkaline balance by using simple litmus paper. If your urine is under +7, you are too acid.
    Balancing your diet – Acid / Alkaline
    When food is metabolised by the body the end products are either acidic or alkaline. Acids are compounds of elements, which give away hydrogen ions, Alkalines are compounds of elements which attract hydrogen ions. The body needs both Acids and Alkalines for its metabolism but we have more difficulty getting rid of Acids than Alkalines. It is therefore easy for an accumulation of excess Acids to occur which can cause us to get rheumatism or skin problems such as psoriasis. To avoid this, aim for a diet which is 70% Alkaline and 30% Acid.

    To achieve a more alkaline diet you can consider replacing the following items in your diet:


    Wheat, Spaghetti, Macaroni
    Chocolate & Cocoa drinks
    Tea, Coffee
    Barley cup
    Soya products
    Rice, Oats, Porridge


    Bread made from sprouts or Buckwheat bread
    Buckwheat and Millet Spaghetti
    Carob based products
    Herbal Teas & Fermented herbal
    Quorn products
    Millet or Buckwheat porridge

    The following table of Alkaline / Acidity was developed by the Swedish man Ragnar Berg in the 1930’s.

    ALKALINE (+)

    Cucumber +31
    Dried Figs +28
    Raisins +16
    Dried Rose Hips +15
    Tomatoes +14
    Lettuce +14
    Mandarin oranges +12
    Celery +11
    Oranges +10
    Carrots +10
    Lemons +10
    Leeks +9
    Endive +9
    Spinach +9
    Gooseberries +9
    Chives +8
    Buckwheat +8
    Millet +8
    Grapes, Dried Dates +7
    Bananas +7
    Potatoes, peeled +7
    Blackberries +7
    Plums +6
    Cabbages +5
    Apricots +5
    Peaches +5
    Blueberries +4
    Black Currants +4
    Milk +4
    Apples, Pears, Cherries +3
    Onions +3
    Strawberries +2

    ACID (-)

    Rice with husks -51
    Bran -39
    Whole Wheat -38
    Oat Flakes -30
    Eggs -23
    Rye Bread -22
    Meat of all kinds -10 to -19
    Fish of all kinds -10 to -19
    Whole Rye -17
    Cheese -17
    Cottage Cheese -17
    Peanuts -15
    Asparagus -14
    Corn -14
    Rice, polished -11
    Wheat Bread -11
    Soya Beans -10
    Rye Crispbread -9
    Brussel Sprouts -9
    Wheat Flour -8
    Brown Beans -8
    Butter -6
    Yellow Peas -4
    Green Beans -4
    Margarine -4
    Artichokes -4
    Almonds, Hazel -1

    The more -, the more acid the food is.
    The more +, the more alkaline.
    0 is balanced

    Psoriasis Treatment – One Day Fast
    Early morning Drink 0.5 – 1 litre tepid water
    09.00am Drink 200ml Berry juice (Blueberry or Cranberry – not blackcurrants)
    11.00am Drink 200ml herbal tea:
    Infuse 2g Birch, 2g Chamomile, 2g Horsetail for 20 minutes. Strain together.
    13.00pm Drink 200ml Carrot juice (Fresh is best)
    15.00pm Drink 200ml Carrot juice
    17.00pm Drink 200ml Vegetable stock and 200ml Green juice (such as Wheatgrass or Nettle juice)
    19.00pm Berry Juice (Blueberry or Cranberry – not blackcurrants)


    i found aveeno daily moisture (oatmeal) v good


    I second the Aveeno, but they do have one especially for eczema & psoriasis. It’s called "Dematrix" i think??? it is written in blue on the tube.


    The Elave Range is ideal to help with the management of dry, sensitive skin and with eczema and peoriasis prone skin. We have an original range, junior range, mens range and baby range – for all over body and hair care. It is advisable to use a combined therapy approach by this i mean use wash, cream and shampoo together for your cleansing routine. Elave is available in pharmacies nationwide. If you would like some samples please email us at


    SELSUN is a medicated shampoo I’ve just started using (I have scalp psoriasis) and it seems to beworking! My flare up has definitely been soothed and is alot less flakey.

    My sister was told to use it as a body wash for a skin infection she had on her back, so you could use it all over I presume.

    You can get it in the pharmacy for about €5.


    Seaweed – bath cleared mine last time i had all over outbreak, like within days 😀

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