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    Well we registered for it today. Sickens me to have to pay it but they will just take it from our account if we don’t so decided to go ahead and register.

    On the letter they sent us, they had us down for a high amount based on our house value but after chatting with our neighbours, we all agreed to register for a lower rate than what they suggested. They did make is clear that this is a SELF ASSESSMENT tax, so we decided in our estate to all go one band lower and register and pay that amount.

    Its still sickening. We paid stamp duty when we bought our house so this is a double tax but as they have the power to just take it, we thought it would be better to register and pay the lower amount ourselves, than have them come and take a higher amount from us.

    Not paying the full amount in one go, cannot afford to! So will be doing a direct debit each month and to be honest, even that will be a pinch.

    I know some mums who are using children’s allowance to pay it – its so sad.

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    I agree Sabbi, it’s sickening! We paid our property tax up front years ago, it was called stamp duty! Are they going to refund that now??

    And for those that decided they would try and plan for their retirement by purchasing a property to let out, a typical example is this:

    Purchased for about €300,000 (using their savings and a new mortgage) paid approx. €12,000 in stamp duty. Pays tax on the rental income (even if there is no gain they pay USC on the full rental income!) Despite the property now being probably worth less than €150,000 and of no value to them, they also have to pay the €200 per year second property tax and now on top of all that, for a property that will probably never in their lifetime be worth what is owed on it, drains them even further and is no financial benefit to them, they now have to pay another "tax"! That’s 4 variations of tax for something worthless but the government think that’s acceptable because they f***ed up by not properly monitoring the banks and allowing them to lend 10 times the money they had (which is exactly why we are in this mess economically!)

    And breathe…….


    In France you pay the stamp duty and solicitor fees as well it’s 6 to 7 % of the value of the house.
    Every year you pay
    – household charge (it’s the person who lives in it that pays either thetenant or owner) it’s for a small 1 bedroom appartment in Toulouse (big city) it’s about 400 euro/year
    – on top of what the owner (even if he’s the one paying the household charge becaus ehe lives in the property) pays a property tax that for the same appartment is about 500 euro/year.

    Yes with that amount of taxes you get some extra services (bins not included or water) like public roads and playgrounds and things like that but the level of taxes is so much higger.
    I just hope that here, with the new tax they’ll put it to a good use and we’ll get to see things done like footpaths to walk to schools and much more.

    Not happy about a new tax, but I think it will have been easier to accept it if we had a REAL breakdown to what and where they’re going to use it.

    It’s not just about the tax it’s about the use of it.
    And major doubts about how much will it increase in the future and what for.



    If Dave FC is getting annoyed, you know its really really bad.

    The government has wasted so much of our tax money – wasting it on incinerators that were not built, on a childrens hospital that has since been relocated and last night, that Primetime programme showed how much money they have been pumping into the free ECCE school year in creches and how it is not monitored at all and how some of those creches were doctoring their reports to show kids were there when they were not. There was even a creche in Longford who had closed down but were still getting the ECCE money!

    The government have not got a clue – I have no confidence this money will be properly spent. It is killing me to give them this money. I resent this enormously. I have marched, signed petitions, not paid the household charge last year in protest but none of it makes a difference.

    I paid the tax on my house ALREADY and am sickened I have to pay more tax now when I have less money and am struggling with a ridiculous mortgage.

    They have done nothing proper to deal with the mortgage crisis so for many of us, this is a charge we simply cannot afford but as they are threatening to take it anyway directly from our accounts and add penalties on top of the original fee, if we do not pay, we’ll be in a worse position.

    Its bullying and I resent being bullied by our government in this way. They are a bunch of overpaid, under worked idiots who are completely out of touch from reality with their big salaries, multiple pensions and extravagant expenses.

    Its just another threat from a government who have done nothing to help those of us who cannot really afford this.

    My mother-in-law who was recently widowed has to pay this and my grandmother who is 87 has to pay this. This is disgraceful. 😈

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