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    I’m wondering if anyone knows of a private speech therapist/ company that can do assessments for children?

    My son has been diagnosed with a moderate speech delay and poor pronounciation. We have been on a waiting list to see a public speech therapist for over a year and are still nowhere near the top of the list. We are also waiting for an audiologist.

    We are no longer willing to wait though as my son falls further and further behind his peers with no assessment or intervention, and have decided we must go privately and hope we can find the money somewhere.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, recommendations or contacts in east meath/drogheda/north dublin area that may be of assistance?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Jaybird,

    I was just trying to find a speech therapist for my ds2. He has problems pronouncing certain words and sounds so wanted to get him checked out asap. I googled speech and language theraphy and if you go to you will find listings for therapist that do private practise.

    I do know there is a big waiting list for audiologist too.

    Hope that helpsa bit.


    I am going to have one done for my ds on 9th march down at solas in dublin (centre for autism). It is a private practitioner who they contract in, ie, not just an s&l for kids with autism type. If u want the details after i’ve been re what i thought and price etc, pm me



    I went to a private speech and Hearing centre over in Kells Maria Monaghan…
    She is a lady and seen my son withinn 3 days, it did cost 100 euro (thats more then normal as my ds was only a baby and took hours)
    You can claim back from quinn/Bupa and or the med1.. all her details are on the above link.. very handy to get to from Drogheda as he is on the road into kells.
    Good luck….
    My ds was pushed up the public list and was seen in the public clinic in Dundalk in November, it was the early intervention team and his pediatrician that got the appointment rushed along, a rush appointment was 8 months… we were told a normal public appointment is 2 years! Compared to private its 3 days!!!! How wrong is that?


    Lady Bird, i had DS assessed for an Educational assessment, which basically looks at where they are on the scale of things and what action is required. His recommendation shows that ds has a problem with verbal intelligence was poor while his non verbal was in the required range. His report gives recommendations for the school and for the parents in how to help him. Have to say it gave us a lot of clarity. It cost €450. Daniel is in school so he receives resource in the school and is also being seen by the Speech & Language Dept in Laurence centre.

    How old is the child in question?


    My son is just past 2.5 years. He has only about 12 words, and the pronounciation is bad on all of them, and then several noises that I can understand but no-one else would have a clue.

    I have just a minute ago arranged an appt withARC speech and language centre, but the fee details they have just sent me made me balk a little…. €300 for the inital assessment, €450 with a written report. Ouch.

    So someone cheaper would be excellent, though obviously I will pay whatever I have to I would struggle to find 300, and then 100 per hour for the therapy is just too much.

    Any more advice or thoughts appreciated, thanks all.


    2.5 is still very young… my ds1 and my nephew were slow at that age then picke up fine, ds1 still talks a bit funny c,d, and L’s are a bit strange but

    I have loads of stuff her that i got from doing st courses… i will have a look for them after the weekend as up to eyes at the mement…. you could go through a few programmes yourself… do you have anywhere to photocopy stuff, as i would like to hang into the stuff iykwim


    My experience was excellent, i noted toddlers speech delay to public health nurse in haymarket, received app for assesment within 2wks with speach therapist in ballsgrove clinic, from then enroled on 6wk group session in ballsgrove. It worked great and we declined a further 6wk session. This was only last year. Perhaps one on one sessions is where the waiting list is … but within group sessions those who did not improve were taken in for one on one.

    Concerning audio tests … took older child privately, booked blackrock clinic directly, no waiting, cost was eur80 and we claimed back tax and vhi rebate too.

    best of luck … just keep calling and investigating the options, you are right not to sit and wait as it will taint childs experience in school if child is in any way disadvantaged in class.

    good luck hope all works out. 😉


    Is your child under the care of a pediatrician? if they are they may be able to push the assessment a bit closer, the same with the audio.
    My first boy had about the same amount of words and spent a few months in speech & therapy and is on par now for his age. Getting called on the list can be slow but I found once we got the first session, the therapists could not do enough to help our son. This guy also attends the audio clinic in Temple Street, they are v good in there.

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