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    Do i really need this?? They can hardly not out me and my dssitting together, dont ming abouth the BF lol but defo have to be sitting beside J

    anyone enlighten me??


    nope i wou;dn’t bother we’ve never got it and i’ve never been seperated from hubby, just make sure your in queue early enough and shouldn’t be a problem getting a seat beside J


    You don’t need to pay the extra for this. We have never had a problem getting a seat together. Get in the cattle line er I mean line early and you will be good to go. 😀


    I wouldnt bother with it either. We went to Cork with Ryanair recently and they were letting the priority and non-priority on together so its really only a money racket with them. Just get to the queue early and you will have no bother getting the 3 of ye sitting together.


    As the girls said, just be at the gate as early as possible – last time we flew Ryanair, I was terrified that we wouldn’t get sitting together as we were near the end of the queue – but there was no problems!


    My dh was away last week and Prioty booking was called first , but everyone was then put on a bus a free for all , money making thats all that is,

    Enjoy your trip… 😆


    thanks girls, dont think ill bother with it!!! went onto the site there yest and there is stll seats available for the flight so hopefully it will stay that way 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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