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    Did anyone see Prime Time last night? They were talking about the use of Electric Charge Therapy on the mentally disabled. What I found really shocking was one of the people who was against this treatement was a woman who had a baby in 1975 – reacted badly to the drugs and within days of giving birth, they decided that she must have PND gave her this against her will. She has lost all memory of holding her new baby.

    OMG – the things they used to do to us women. How could they possibly imagine that a woman just after a baby, high on hormones should need this type of therapy.

    Apparently, as the law stands, two doctors can overrule the patient and force this treatment. This is currently being reviewed.


    Its barbaric, something like the Symphysiotomy cases where women were cut through their pelvic bone while giving birth and were not told about it!!!

    In the 50’s they used knock women out and when they woke up, their babies were born.

    When I had my first child 9 years ago my legs were put into stirrups and I was given an episiotomy (without being told what they were doing) and I found the whole experience barbaric and cruel and I felt like I had no control. It was awful but its nothing compared to what those women were put through.

    Things like this really make my blood boil 👿


    Horrendous – my mother was one of those women. The held her down while they sawed through her – the baby was still born. The next baby was born in the Cottage!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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