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    anyone elso getting crazy amount of calls from this company…..they’re not an irish company so cant block the marketing calls through eircom. Its just hassling and every time I just say take my number off your list. Its driving me crazy…… :x :x :x


    I get calls from the same place, well not as much now! I would answer and tell them no thanks but the call still came about 7 pm or later (while putting the kids to bed) Now I answer and leave the line open and walk away while your one waffles on and it costs them money 😆 😆 😆 :lol:Call down to about 2 a month now


    thats what I’ll do next time…… 😆 crazy though when my phone is private, my number is ex directory and I have to listen to these crazy people…….don’t know who I feel more sorry for,me having to listen to them or them having to go into work and this is what they do all day…..


    I had this problem with market researchers – kept saying not interested, do not call again and hanging up. Did work after a while. I think one company gets your number and sells it on.


    I used to work for a telecom company and it involved a helluva lot of cold calling. they used to hand us lots of photocopied strips of columns from the phone book..we would have to ring them all..and when ud get no joy ud swap them with someone on the evening shift. this is why u would be getting several calls a day.. and when thats worn out they suggest changing the last digit of the phone numbers ur ringing as you might get an ex directory number and make a sale as most ex directory numbers wont have been contacted before…this is probably whats been happening to you..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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