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    Has anyone besides me been watching the price of SMA this year?

    Christmas 12.95
    Early 2009 9.99
    Tesco – adjustment to cross border prices – 8.56
    Tesco – once they had us hooked – 8.79
    Dunnes – when they realised what Tesco were charging 8.56
    Dunnes – now they noticed that Tesco have put the price back up 8.79

    The SMA 250ml carton –

    After Christmas: 99cent
    Tesco Drogheda after adjustment – 65cent
    Dunnes / Supervalu / etc – 99 cent
    Tesco Ashbourne before recent adjustment – 1.36

    It appears where Tesco where reducing prices on their border shops, they were charging higer prices on the others!!!!

    Does competition mean that you check your competitors price and charge the same?

    If this was an adjustment to bring in line with the prices charged in the North – how come both supermarkets can suddenly charge it in all their shops?

    Is SMA not an Irish company?????

    I really don’t think that prices have come down on the day to day items we actually need to buy – unless we have started shopping up North for these items. The price reductions are mostly on the own brand stuff that nobody wants.

    I also notice that the price of meat has come down in Dunnes but the contents of the packets have also reduced. I went to buy two Salmon fillets recently – there was a promotion 2 for 1 – the fillets had been cut in half!! I refused to take what they were giving me and picked out two large fillets displayed at the front.


    it’s madness realyy…i hate to say we still shop up north, and some things get here…i found that my local centra which usually is dear has the cheapest in cow and gate formula which babs is on…so i’m happy with that, but seriously shops are reducing some products but put what they have reduced onto other products….

    i have to say argos are nortorius for doing this, i recenetly wanted to purchase a mini audo system that has i pod connection old catalogue price was 83.99e was going to buy up north for at least 10euro cheaper anyway new catalogue came out the same product has now gone up to 109.99euro……huge difference…and why the jump…oh it’s the winter catalogue and guess what people will be buying out of it for christmas, so instead of helping people save money they’re ripping people off… also parents bought a storgae box for garden was 45euro now 50euro…..

    oh i did e-mail them last time the catalogue came out and prices went up never got a response….

    not fair at all


    Yes, i noticed this two, a lot of the toys have gone up in prize. Smyths seems to be a good bit cheaper.

    Like i was thinking about my my ds a sit in little tikes police car €99 in Argos, €69 in smyths!!!

    Although Argos 2 for €20 deal is good.


    I got abob the builder water construction site thingy for ds, 29.99 in smyths and 59 in argos 😯

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