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    super minder

    last night i went out for a friend birthday . i wasnt drinking so on 7 up.
    a bar man asked me for 4.20 for a little glass bottle of 7 up. i told him i could get 5 littles for that in tescos. and do you know what he said. off you go love i dont price the drinks.

    i know the manager and he said there was a mistake it should only be 2.80 for 7 up and gave me it free and said sorry.

    my point is omg how do we stop young people or drunk driving if 7 up etc is nearly as dear as alcohol.

    what do other people think about this ???


    I agree with you.



    There is no justification for the price of soft drinks in pubs….so much for encouraging/supporting young people/those who don’t drink or those driving!!! I had an alcohol free beer in a restaurant when I was pregnant and nearly fell off the chair (sober) when I saw it was MORE expensive than the alcoholic beer!


    Is the designated driver not given free non alcoholic drinks any more? I know up until last month in Dublin this was definitely the case.

    Sabrinab 08

    I totally agree with you.. i drink every now and then but most times when we go out I offer to be "dessie" as I dont mind driving, it bugs me that I have to fork out nearly as much as those drinkin alcohol!!!!
    Have even asked in some places if the minerals are free as ther was a promo on this on tv to encourage designated drivers.. the mormal response i get is" oh sorry we dont take part in that"….
    And they wonder why our roads deaths are one of the highest in Europe!! 👿 🙄
    Why can these things not be implemented nationwide, personally speaking I think its only fair for the drivers mierals to be free.. there is only so many diet coke i can drink before i feel sick.. I wouldnt drink all the stock..
    Sorry for the rant ladies. but good point to raise btw!!

    super minder

    thanks girls i was thinking maybe im just a mean git .

    i like a bargin like the rest of us. forgot to say the garage in mell topaz hope i spelt it right . is doing 2 lt bottle of fanta orande and sprite for 1 euro . i checked the dates and nothing wrong with them.

    so im getting a few dozen and putting them away for xmas . only 162 ish days till then. and every penny counts this year. xxxxx


    Super minder so glad Im not the only one on the christmas count down, my ds has started his santa list already, was in tkmaxx and he wanted a big toy I said no you will have to ask santa…. a woman beside me rolled her eyes and said FFS 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    I think its because we had to book our santa steam train tickets a few weeks ago

    Drivers should get minerals free when out

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