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    another area where it’s worth comparing prices :))
    i priced 3 the same waxing treatments in three diff salons in drogheda and the prices were
    A €83 !
    B €61 (the one i went for, before finding outC)
    C €54
    mad isn’t it :shock:
    i was in places A and C before, B – tested today.
    in all places the treatments were done very well,(aybe in the place B
    one of the waxing was done better), staff is very nice etc.
    only difference – the price!


    I know its madness!!!!
    i pay €13 for a wax and in other places it starts at €20!!!!


    I find the saloon above Sundays Gate on west street brilliant for waxing and their prices are great tool….

    Have a look at the Red Door in Wheaton Hall they have great offers on, one is if you use there new hair stylest you get a free facial.

    But the best is sparytan, file and paint (fingers and toes) hairwashed and blow dryed and your makeup done for 49 euro…. I planning to get it done a few times over the summer, just to make me feel better and the fact I cant reach my toes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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