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    Hi, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? My weeman is over due his last vaccination as he was sick with ear infections every time I went to bring him…he is now just gone two. I have every intention of getting them done but want him to be as healthy as possible first…as a baby he was very sick with reoccurring ear infections and following ongoing homeopathy he is much stronger and healthier now…but my problem is that I keep getting calls from the nurse in our GP’s practice "giving out" to me that he is over due…one time she phoned and hadn’t even read his records to realise that he was sick again with an ear infection…she said that even if he was on antibiotics and sick he should have it done…she went on and on about "what would happen if he didn’t get the vaccinations"…I have patiently listened to her and been polite but that last time she phoned I told her that I wasn’t being neglectful, had full intentions of getting them but that my priority was to get him well enough to cope with them…he was due to get themdone again today but has been up since 5am with a runny nose and slight temperature (the usual signs that an ear infection may be on it’s way), but I am dreading canceling again in the fear of the nurse ringing me and making me feel like I am being a bad parent!! Has this happened to anyone else?



    I have had many a row with the PHN and clinic nurses in this country so I feel your pain!

    Vaccinations are not legally required in this country so tell the lady it’s your decision as an informed parent and you will ring her back when the time is right to make an appointment and to stop harassing you!

    She has no right to belittle your decision as a parent.

    I would tell her that standard practice in most countries is NOT to vaccinate when a child has a compromised immune system as such is the case with your child at the moment as she should know better than to bully you.

    Basically you have to be a bulldog with these type of people or they will continue ad infinitum!


    Was always told if they have even a slight temp to come back another day. Runny nose etc ok, as that could be there for months. It is important to vaccinate, but I was ran late with nearly all of mine for exactly the same reasons….


    Well after much thought I canceled yesterday and made an appointment to take him to the doctor instead today…was up all night with him so I am glad now!! Just waiting for the nagging call from the nurse to give out to me… 🙄


    Don’t answer the phone!!!


    Tell her where to go or see if there is another nurse that can deal with you. Is it the phn? I have always had mine done at the doctors practice by the resident nurse – she never reminds me at all – have to remember my self. DD was several months over on her last vaccine – not well at the required time and the list was wrong, so I had to have another one given before the last one.


    Sounds like she is driven more by statistics and wanting as many done as possible, rather than doing what is in the best interest of your child.

    The absolute cheek of her – how dare she undermine you like that. That would drive me mad – maybe ask that one of the other PHN’s take over your son’s file, to make a point of not dealing with her after this.

    A few years back, we had a very pushy PHN who kept interfering when our son was a toddler. She was supposed to be checking our new baby daughter but she would often (and without our permission) weigh and check our son. She said I was not feeding him right, as he is quite thin. I explained that he actually eats like a horse but she did not believe me, she made me feel so unsure of myself I agreed to make an appt to take him to a specialist – just to make sure he was not malnourished.

    The specialist said he was a very healthy child and not to be minding her at all – he reckoned I knew my son better than her and it was ridiculous of her to interfere so much and undermine me that way. I did my best not to deal with her again.

    Since that happened, I spoke with a few people who also had problems with her and she has moved on now.

    Its funny how the HSE can have staff like PHN’s chasing up parents who are clearly looking after their children yet they fail tointervene in cases of neglect and abuse, like the recent ones which were reported in Limerick and Cork. Seems like resources not being used as effectively as they could be.

    Let us know how you get on Babs and most importantly, hope your little guy is feeling better soon and that you all get some much needed sleep. Sleep deprivation is very hard to cope with, so hope he settles soon.

    Mind yourself. x


    Well, got a call that evening from her!! Couldn’t believe it!! I said if she checked her records she would see that I had canceled it and made an appointment that day to see the doctor as he was ill…when I went to the doctor he said my weeman had swollen glands and a sore throat…I told him I had canceled his vaccination again and that he was now very over due…he replied not to worry about it, that I had done the right thing, that its very common to miss vaccinations as kids are always getting sick and he said just to wait until he was better….such a different attitude!!

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