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    Hi there,

    Can anyone recommend a good book suitable for 3 / 4 yr old boys and girls? I have to read to the kids in playschool – apparently it promotes esteem for my little man and makes him happy and proud. Anyhow, I need a book that will entertain 20 little characters for a few minutes.

    thanks for any suggestions



    the kids in our group love the ones from waterstones (and they were buy one get one free recently) the aliens love underpants, winnie the witch, hug!

    they are all great, (now we use the irish versions but they love them) especially if you make a fuss about the knicKers and underpants!!

    or try get some of the BIG BOOKS, very easy to read as they are bigger and no fighting over who can see and who cant!!!

    hope it helps!!


    ah mommycool there are loads of books, wow i just love books, i think i asked before on her can’t remember where for recommendations for new book ideas and was great list have a look, think was in entertain the kids, not sure will look…

    anyway i find i look through the books and then decide which would be good having to do this anyway for my own class….can be tough to pick the right book…i do a theme and find a story to go with that….

    i have loads of books if ya wanted to have a goo for an idea….

    there are a few i like, the smartest giant in town recommended here and it’s a nice story as in the end you can make into a song…..

    but have a look in waterstones especially when they do offers…

    ok copied from book section on here

    eating the alphabet (fab teaching about different veg etc even i’m learning)
    the big red bath
    the tiny seed
    thecow who laid an egg
    the fish who could wish
    there’s a house inside my mummy
    i’m a big brother
    do you do a digeridoo
    tim ted and the priates
    christmas wishes
    the polar express
    father christmas needs a wee – funny
    my little brother
    my little star
    baggy brown
    what’s the time little wolf
    the naughtiest fairy’s naughty new friend
    wide awake jake
    a message for santa
    the night pirates
    look what blew into the zoo
    scarlett bene (about veg)
    aniaml soup
    aliens love underpants
    the very hungry catipillar
    the mixed up cameleon
    my mum is fantastic
    grandma’s are for giving tickles
    the misadventures of max
    wolly stops the train
    joh joe and the big hen
    noah built an ark one day
    pass the jam jim
    sceret in the mist
    the old woman and the red pumpkin
    my dad is brilliant
    isabels noisy tummy
    go tell it to the tocan
    charlies superhero underpants
    lost and found
    how to catch a star
    no more eeeorrh
    the big dark
    aliens in underpants save the world
    stick man
    my friend whale
    the teeny weeny tadpole
    clever daddy
    you can do it sam
    say hello to the snowy animals
    the forgotten forrest
    the naughiest piglet
    night monkey day monkey
    stone soup
    crispin the pig who had it all
    daddy on the moon
    best of friends
    what friends do best
    bear’s first christmas
    some dogs do
    stuck in the mud
    the night before christmas


    also more great idea for books on the book section here in books for kids thread…

    also what about going to the library they do children’s story time they may be able to advise you could sit in and listen aswell as waterstones think they still do it on a sat…


    The library has great books too.

    My ds loves stories with animals, especially scarey animals – lions, sharks, bears etc.

    The pictures are important too, need to be very bright & clear – so they can imagine the scene.

    My ds loves me reading to him & i love reading – so its win, win.

    He always looks at books when he is in the back of car, sometimes he reads me a story but seeing as he is only 2, he cant actually read but he tells me the story from a mixture of memory & he makes it up depending on the pictures. He gets very animated when telling the story. it is so cute – lol.


    MaryE some gifted children can read by 2 or 3 my nephew is very smart and was able to read himself at 3… he was reading happy potter books himself at bedtime at 5.

    If your ds loves sharks, there is a good shark story "Dont eat the Teacher" Every page there is a " CRUNCH" and the kids love to join in with the Crunch bit… we love it here
    The Grufalo and Stickman are very good

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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