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    Still debating this one… son is 3 in April 2011. He would qualify for the ECCE scheme this year, or next year. It means he will start national school in either 2012 at 4yrs 5mth or in 2013 at 5yrs5mths. Not sure which is best. He is a real sociable little boy and would already be fairly good with holding pencil, writing first letter of his name, knows his colours, numbers 1-10 nearly etc.

    My son will be going to a mixed school. From experience with my other 3, 2 girls and 1 boy, I find the girls are in some way more advanced socially, emotionally than boys of a similar age. (In general, not every child). Worried if I start him at 4yrs he might always be playing catch up to older children and girls. However, if I start him at 5yr he will be a bit more able socially & emotionally for school. Know most people start children young but just want to get it right for him. Honestly, if he was like the girls were I would start him at 4yrs but from past experience with my other son who was 4yrs 9mths I’m still not sure.


    hi mummy 5

    if your little boy qualifies for ecce in both of these yrs (as the dates of application overlap) you can still send him for the first yr on the ecce scheme. as he develops his skills throughout this yr you can then decide along with the advice of the teacher who would have very good knowledge of his capabilities if you want to send him to primary school then or not… honestly ive seen the shyest of children really come out of themselves in this yr and become more confident in all areas,ie. work, social, mental..

    if you decide towards the end of the yr that he isnt ready then you dont have to send him then and can hold off til the following yr…however you will only be abe to avail of the ecce funding for one yr so if you wanted to keep him in playschool/montessori for the following yr it would be at a cost to you…

    i hope this is of some help to you…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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