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    Hi all,

    I am researching an article about ‘pregorexia’, where a woman eats very little while pregnant for fear of gaining too much weight. Some women take it to extremes and can put themselves and their babies in danger.

    I would like to speak with someone who has been through this and would like to share her story to let others know that this is a valid condition, which needs to be treated and that there is help available.

    I know this is a tough subject but I think it needs to be raised and discussed and have some of the taboo taken away.

    Anyone with information, can reply here or you can PM me and we can keep it totally confidentail

    Thanks in advance,


    Sorry I just cant understand this!!!!! Why would you do this. If you have a healthy diet and dont over eat ie eat for 2 you should be fine


    a friend of my sisters actually did this on her first pregnancy – her little one ended up in special care when she was born was awful to hear about to be honest – i hadn’t had a baby myself at the time but still just couldn’t understand how anyone could do it. The lady in question is pregnant again – i think she got such a fright at end of last pregnancy that so far so good – she is eating healthy as far as we know .. for now.


    I know this is an awful topic but the only way to deal with conditions such as this is to talk about them openly and that’s why I am writing this piece. I want people talking about it. I want people to know it is a real condition and a real problem for many pregnant women.

    Pregorexia is a psychological condition which reqiures attention and treatment for the safety of mum and baby.

    I want mums-to-be who going through this to know they are not alone and can get support and help to get through it.

    I just need some brave mums to share their experiences about it…

    They can be open or choose to remain anonymous in the piece. It may help somone who needs help, reach out and ask for it.



    Hi there,

    I have only just seen this now – there was an article in the magazine that came with the Sunday World last week. It discussed the topic and also mummy tucks!!!!!!

    I am six weeks after having my baby so was very curious. Apparently, this condition is becoming very common. They suggested that the high profile pregnant celebs were putting pressure on the rest of us to stay skinny while pregnant andlook fab straight after the baby is born.

    Some pregnant women are now booking "mummy tucks" while still pregnant – (a mere 6500k if your interested!!!!!!!!!).

    All total madness – they are putting their own health and the health and development of their unborn babies at risk.


    In response to the madness of our celeb culture, I wrote this one in the Irish Indo today….the sensible way to get back into shape after giving birth.

    Us gals put way too much pressure on ourselves and compete too much with each other at times too. We should really give ourselves a break and do it slowly and sensibly!!

    Remember…40 weeks up and then 40 weeks down!!! … 20637.html


    In response to the madness of our celeb culture, I wrote this one in the Irish Indo today….the sensible way to get back into shape after givibg birth.

    40 weeks up….40 weeks down!!! … 20637.html


    i wonder would it be worth the papers while to do a fitness thingy like operation transfromation, get moms post baby to loose the weight like a little competition type thingy…but the catch would be each person taking part there would be a time limit and a goal eack even a stone per serson or something….but each person taking part will have to take a different type of diet from atkins, to tablets, to one colour food diet, holistic or something…and try each diet and see which gets results….

    along with exercise… walking pole dancing, salas dancing, spinning classes or whatever…..what you think?? then those who want to loose weight have people local people they compare to and also perhaps follow…


    I agree with the exercise but surely it would be better to eat properly than to go on a diet? It is hard enough to have energy after a sleepless night without starving yourself.

    I came across a program on one of the Lifestyle channels the other day – Loose the Baby Weight Challenge – or something like that. To my amazement there there 3 women and 3 men. Here was I thinking that it was us women that were having the babies!!!! Anyhow, the men had all put on weight when the babies were born because of the stress and eating rubbish. I suppose there is a strong possibility of us women putting on weight after the babies as we are generally too busy to eat properly.

    I just spent 4 hours walking around the zoo pushing a pram and racing after a 2 year old. Ate a bit of rubbish there but all in all,I have lost all the weight from baby – just have to figure out a way of toning up my tummy. I think it is time for the slendertone to come out – but I do tend to get bored with that after a few days.


    Two of my friends have this disorder but neither will admit it. They were both about a size 14 a few years ago & lost loads, i mean loads of weight, both are size 8 (if even) now.

    They wouldnt even eat carbs while pregnant.

    Lucky for them they both had healthy babies but they may not be so lucky the next time.

    It really made my blood boil.

    You wouldnt have known that they were even pregnant, they were that tiny. They never even needed to wear any maternity clothes.

    One of girls waters broke while she was on the train to work, so she walked straight to the hospital & went up to the reception. The lady at reception was on the phone & left her standing waiting for ages becasue she thought she was just making an enquiry & didnt realise she was pregnant!!!

    I dont mean to be bad, but i nearly wish that they had a little scare so that they realised what danager they are putting theselves & the baby in.

    super minder

    lets break all the rules of irish shame and silence and bloody talk about problems and real fears to first time mums. the world would be a better place and hospitals would be able to help if they knew what they were looking for.

    40 weeks on and off rules is fab xxxx

    good girl sabbi you go and help spread the word
    if one mum and baby was saved it would be great


    Dead right Angie – 40 weeks up, 40 weeks down!!

    Thanks for the ideas but I would be uncomfortable covering a story on mums who were using slimming pills or meal replacements supplements to lose weight. While it would make an interesting piece, I personally would not like to encourage that kind of behavior.

    Eat less, move more and enjoy what you have. We all have bits we don’t like (I have a belly that will not go away after 4 pregnancies but I just leanr to dress around it and not stress over it!)!)

    What is wrong with us that we put so much pressure on ourselves – even when pregnant!!

    I have spoken with a really courageous, brave, strong girl about her eating problems and am working on the pregorexia article now.

    if anyone would like to make any suggestions that I can use as comments from mums about their feelings on pregorexia, please PM me. I would like lots of opinions in there…

    The more views the better,

    Thanks again, this site is so great for proper discussions that don’t get side tracked (like on other mummy sites!!)


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