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    I heard this today on the Radio!!! Shocking, what year are we living in?
    Right you can understand a girl not being allowed in the school when pregnant, that happened 22 or 23 years ago to a class mate. Not allowing the girl after she had the baby is a bit of a shock, my friend was allowed to come back to school and sit her leaving cert exams, as i said that was 22 years ago, im a bit shocked that it happened in 2012!


    A girl was refused a place in a local school because she was pregnant and then, after she had her baby, she was refused again.

    Theprincipal said he was protecting the honour of the school.

    what do you think of this? he is not exactly showing tolerance and kindness by this behaviour, in fact he could have made life alot harder for this poor girl by ostracizing her.

    I thought this kind of thing went away with the magdalene houses….or are we reverting back to 1960’s kind of thinking 😯 … 49568.html


    Thats unreal!
    I know he was probably worried about the example that was being set, but a bigger example was been proven with the fact that the girl wanted to be in school.. where usually there is a teen pregnancy they drop out of school..

    I remember a girl was pregnant when I was in 5th year.. don’t recall an issue being made then.


    Discrimination – he should be removed from his job – he is not fit for it. Last I checked, pregnancy was not contagious.


    In our secondary school the head nun would have died rather than let anyone in who was pregnant – there would have been no way on earth she would have allowed it – shes retired now but it seems there are still a few dinasaurs out there still 🙄


    The whole thing is just weird. No BOM? No admissions policy? These things are basic and required. DES asleep on the job.

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