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    I’m very excited to say that i’m nearly 9 wk’s pregant, but very anxious and worried about everything i’m feeling. I’ve being trying to conceive for over 3 years and was told last Aug 09 that i would have to do IVF inorder to higher my chances of becoming pregnant. But i’m delighted to say that i have fallen pregnant naturally. I’m due on 23rd of Dec and myself & my husband are just over the moon. Because i’m going public i’ll not have a scan probably until i’m about 14 – 16 wk’s but i think i’ll never last that long without the reassurance that everyhting is ok. I was thinking of booking an "Early pregnancy scan" in a private clinic, its cost is €120, just for the reassurance & peace of mind. My friends are telling me not to, as it would be a waste of money that all i’ll see is a blob, and that when i return to my nurse at 12 wk’s that she should be able to detect the heart beat. What advice would u recommend to me??? Should i have the scan???


    Hi Star30,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Apart from worrying, how are you feeling?

    About your scan – why don’t you call the hospital you are attending and ask to speak to an ante-natal midwife and explain how you are feeling and ask if they can see you earlier? They will understand why you are nervous and may be able to get you in a bit quicker for your first scan and that would save you spending on a private one.

    Alternatively, if you are very, very worried and you can afford the scan, then maybe you should go for it. A heartbeat is visible from around 7 weeks and this can confirm your baby is growing as he or she should be. This may give you peace of mind if you can see it.

    I remember having a lot of gynecological problems and feeling very nervous when I became pregnant. I had a scan at 7 weeks in the early pregnancy unit at the Rotunda. I did not know what to expect and was stunned to see a little heartbeat – I was shocked the baby was so strong at such an early stage, but seeing that gave me great peace of mind. My husband says my shoulders went down about 5 inches after that scan 😀

    Best of luck, hope all goes well for you, keep us posted


    First of all congratulations and I wish you the very best of health and happiness over the coming months. I know all about the worrying too especially in the early days. Just to let you know on this pregnancy I had a scan just before 7 weeks and they were able to see the heartbeat. I went Euromedic in Charlemont. … harlemont/

    A consultant did the scan and found our baby’s heartbeat which was incredibly reassuring.

    I had a reasurance scan on DD at 8 weeks in the Rotunda due to previous m/c and I was amazed at all that we could see at such an early stage. Again it really helped ease my worries to see her little heart fluttering away.

    Take care and wishing you all the best.


    Thanks girls for answering my Post.

    I called the euromedic in charlemont and they said i could get the scan no problem, all i need is written consent from my GP. So i think i’m goin to book the scan for when i’m 10 & 1/2 wk’s – 11 wk’s, as i still haven’t received a date for my scan in the hospital. I feeling great, just a little tired at nite and i even have a little pot belly!! ha ha

    Thanks again – and i’ll let u know how i get on after the scan

    Fingers crossed everything will be great!


    Bet you feel better already 😀

    Best of luck – good that you feel tired and have a little pot, they’re good signs. 😀


    Hi Girls

    I actually got my appointment for my scan in the hospital for the 11th of June (3 wk’s from today) so because its not too far away i’m going to wait. Then pls god in a couple of months, i’ll get a 3D one done to see that all is progressing nicely……

    I feel so at ease now, knowing that my scan is in 3 wk’s and its with the gyni i had been attending privately last year, which is brilliant.

    i’m a happy girl now!!!!


    Wow!! I’m so happy for you being pregnant! It was the best time of my life I absolutely loved my pregnancy and labour its the most amazing experience of your life i promise you!
    All I can say is don’t panic yourself and enjoy every second of it – I’m jealous heeeheehee
    congratulations and i hope everything goes well for you I’ll say a little prayer for you



    That’s great Star30 -delighted for you now you know its only a few weeks away. That will fly in!

    Relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible, it is a wonderful and special time.

    I loved all my pregnancies, amazing times!

    Best of luck, keep us posted. x

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