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    Hi everyone – I am new to this forum but I’ve been lurking around reading and finding some good advise – keep it up!

    I Couldn’t find anything about pregnancy yoga classes in the area – has anybody any recommendations? Also when should one start going to these classes? I’m 19 weeks now!

    Thanks a lot :?:


    Hi Maybaby,

    There is usually a Yoga for Pregnancy course running in the St. Vincent de Paul premises on Trinity Street – often see it advertised in the drogheda leader. sorry i can’t be of more help. best wishes with the pregnancy


    Hello MayBaby,

    Welcome to Mumstown.
    Try to ring Cora Healey 041-983-5722. She’s a yoga teacher and just had a baby.
    If not, I have a number for Yoga you might want to try. Sorry no name.
    Yoga Adult Classes 087-992-0284
    Please if you find a good one .. let us know and we’ll add them to the Health & Beauty Directory!


    ok great I’ll have a look around and keep a watch on the dorgheda leader ill keep you posted!



    I used to go to a Pregnancy yoga class in Julianstown church hall. They are still run there I believe but unfortunately dont have the contact details to post up.

    All I can say is that the breathing techniques I was shown during my classes were fantastic to use during labour, really helped, so would recommend Pg yoga to anyone.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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