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    I think it is called chloasma?? Splodgy areas of freckles on face. A bit unsightly. Any cure after pregnancy, or am I doomed to wear to concealer for ever more?


    Cholasma is also known as Melasma – where small, irrigular dark patches (appearance of clusters of freckles) can appear anywhere on the body, most commonly on the face. It is caused by over stimulation of estogen and so Melasma/cholasma is more common in women – in pregnancy and from use of the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy. Exposure to sun will promote the dark patches to appear more obiviously on the skin.

    Often the discolouration will dissapear spontaneously over several months after pregnancy or ceasing use of contraceptives/HRT. Alternatively there are treatments available which would be best to ask your GP about. Also facial/chemical peel using glycolic acid would help fade the darken areas. Another option would be laser therapy – but this may be lenghtly and costly. A high sun factor should be used when exposure to sun and all year round especilly on the face.


    I have some of those blotches on my body, didn’t know what they were called but sounds like chloasma. Its like a dark patch of melanin – mine are on my arm, thigh and a v.dark patch on my stomach. I’ve never been pregnant – and i really only noticed it in my late teens (probably because i started going on foreign holidays around then) the one on my stomach never faded (infact got darker) but the other 2 fade with my tan. I’m lucky that its not on my face! I have heard before that the pill causes dark (freckle like) dots around the lip line.


    I got one mark on my tummy on dd and some smaller ones on my face on ds and none of them went away. They are not too bad, just an odd time when the one on my face is confused for a bruise. Doesnt really bother me now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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