Pregnancy Cravings…from firelighters to smell of gas??

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    What weird cravings did you have when pregnant??

    On my son I craved licquorice laces, oranges & kit kats together and the smell of freshly turned soil (weird I know!!). My sister used to eat Black Jacks and Fruit Salad sweets by the bag load!! What is the weirdest thing you ever wanted???

    What were you like…thought it would be fun for us to remember how mad we all got or for anyone going through it to share what they are craving right now :lol:


    Ice in both pregnancies (one winter baby, one summer baby) and sweet stuff (chocolate, biscuits, cake etc) of course 🙂


    On my daughter, fish finger sandwiches with melted cheese, mayo and ketchup 😳


    craving anything fruity from fresh OJ to lemonade to water with sliced limes and lemons in it…been so thirsty in past few weeks, have been knocking back all sorts of waters and juices. cannot quite quench the thirst though.

    foodwise…its vegetables i want. lots of stir frys and rice and pasta with chopped veg. i love a take away and cannot usually go a week without a bag of chips laced with vinegar but thought of that at moment making me want to gag – literally. did not expect to be craving healthy food – thought I’d want a big mac but guess this baby wants to be healthy. maybe the burgers craving will come later?


    Smoothies – non-stop…..


    oh Margo 1 you lucky thing!!! I’m eating all around me, not a bit fussy as long as it’s rubbish i’m happy! Chips, crisps, chocolate. I’m trying to resist but not very sucessfully. I’ll worry about it when he/she arrives!!!!


    i did have a weird one on ds1, i used to eat COAL!!!!! I wouldnt eat firelighters but i bought a packet on all 3 pregnacies and sniffed away to my hearts content….

    What i craved food wise… oranged, fresh orange juice, plums, but had to stop eating them due to terrible heartburn…. i ate EVERYDAY for my lunch when pregnant on ds1 corned beef sandwiches with brown sauce (had everyone in work eating it too)
    on ds2 i ate omelettes everyday with fried mushrooms, eggs eggs and more eggs…. other then this anything fried of processed or unhealthy would make me heave so all good stuff my kids craved


    Expect some weird and wacky things on this one 🙂

    On my first I was mad for the taste of the vinegar liquid that pickled onions came in….I remember taking the onions out and drinking the liquid from the jar I was so craving it. Was also mad to eat raw red meat….loved the smell of it and had to stop myself from trying to eat it 😕

    Another one it was tuna andprawns couldnt get enough. Also loved walking by the fish mongers to get the smell of fish!

    Went off things too….Wheetabix was a no,no when I was pregnant. Also pasta carbonara….mind you could eat them again after I had the baby.


    Enjoying reading this thread!

    I didn’t crave anything really, however I did really enjoy red meat more than usual.

    However I went off loads of things…couldn’t stomach the thought of a Chinese Take away..just the thought of the containers let alone the food used to turn my stomach.

    Firelighters and petrol I love those smells even when not pregnant..I always inhale deeply when filling the car 😆


    I had 24hr vomiting on my babies and all i could keep dowm was Melon, and Pepsi……..and i reckon My babies are old enough to get over this………….. i ate fire lighters, briquettes by the bail…………and only the Hearld Newspaper and the Sunday World, they tasted the best…………


    For any pregnant mums out there Aldi selling briquettes for 2.99 😆 😆 😆

    HMM love the smell of petrol, nothing like driving behind a vintage car with the window open…. the full lead fuel just smells the best 😆 😆 😆


    yum yum 😆

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