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    Its nerve wrecking, even though it feels like everything is going well, cannot help worrying a little bit, after 2 previous miscarriages.

    fingers crossed all will be ok.

    anyone else been through this?? how did you combat the nerves?


    I’m just sending you HUGE love… and hugs….. and prayers…..
    You just have to let go, and trust…. this little baba is going to be happy and healthy. xxx Congrats guys! xxx


    So happy for you guys.


    Ah Congrats Sabbi and your Dh, When are you due


    You are bloomin’ and soon enough we will see the 4th edition to the O’Neill clan 😆 😆 😆


    Don’t have any experience of pregnancy after a loss but just wanted to add my congratulations X


    Due in August, better not let my other half see the O’Neill reference…..he is a White!! I am still O’Neill but usually make it double barrelled! (Have to keep his clan on side for babysitting etc 😆 )

    Ah sure, had to come clean about babs, could not hide it much longer, boobs up 3 sizes and bump growing by the day it seems.

    I bent over today and the pair of non-maternity tights I was wearing ripped right up the backside….thankfully got home before the ladder ran the whole way down my leg 😆 😆

    Even the old trick of nail polish on the ladder could not save them….time for a bigger size me thinks 😳


    tee hee…. I’ve done that often enough…. without pregnancy! 😳

    When in Aug? (as an August gal myself!)


    16th…but you know due dates don’t mean much. At the moment we are focusing on next week and hoping that all goes ok, then will start to really look forward. Trying to be calm and relaxed but am worried a bit, can’t help it.

    Righteo, on that note, off to crash on sofa with some chocolate raisins!


    fab delighted for ya both xxxx


    As I said today, congrats – the bigger the family the better!!!! Hope all goes wonderfully well for you all. And you did look absolutely fabulous today!


    omg fab fab news, im delighted for you both… ur 2 little dd had me in stitches yesterday, having a picnic and very serious about it too!! ur gonna have ur hands full, but sure no better women for it than urself!!!

    u know i have experience of this, sorta, not a miscarriage so might be slightly different… i had only lost dd1 3 months before i fell pregnant again, dd2 was due one dd1 first anniversary, to the day.. spooky!! but i suppose i took it one day at a time and tried to stay positive and becoz of dd1 unusual condition we were given great support at the high risk clinic, i also went for private scans and tests in the rotu nda which reallllllly helped me and convinvce me everything was gonna be ok!!!!

    im off every thurs n fri till i hand my notice in,…. im gonna do it one day lol so if u ever need to fret or sound off u know where i am…

    this is really good news and has put a big smile on my face so thanks!!! luv n hugs t u n the bump!!!!


    OMG your pregnant!!! Would never have guessed 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Congrats to you guys xxxx

    I just took it day by day, first got the scan and confirmed the pregnancy…. didnt really relax into the pregnancy until about 18 weeks, then it was the countdown to the 26 week mark…. do we ever relax?
    The innocence on the pre mc pregnancy was bliss and very ignorant!!!

    I did buy a Doppler on ebay to listen to the heartbeat, yes was a bit neurotic 🙄 😆 😆 😆 You’re very welcome to borrow the doppler, cant hear anything till about 16 or 18 weeks, its very like the hospital ones and has the display


    ah congrats sabbi that is great news, delighted for yous all !! xxx


    Congrats to you both, so happy to hear your good

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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