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    Hi Girls

    Can you say a little prayer for ED1’s DS1. He was taken into hospital suddenly this morning. The poor little pet is quite sick.

    I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it when she gets back on line but please keep him in your thoughts.



    Oh God that terrible I hate to hear of sick kids

    I’ll keep her in my prayers and get my mum onboard too, she goes to mass everyday so I get her to light a candle for the poor child and hope he gets well soon


    it’s soo sad when kids are sick …..
    will keep her in my thoughts…..


    god hope he’s ok – will keep them in my thoughts & prayers


    He is in our thoughts, please do keep us posted. Ed, give us a shout if there’s ANYTHING you need.


    Hi girls, thanks for your kind words and prayers.

    just home from hospital for a quick showeer. he was diagnoised with Type 1 Diabeties and will be on injections for the rest of his life but will be able to lead a normal life. thank god.

    I think i am still in shock. brought him to the doc as he was weeing a lot and drinking more than usual. she checked his bloods and sent us straight to casualty. he is like a pin cushion he has had that many pin pricks and needles but he is doing well.

    thanks again girls. talk soon


    ed so sorry to hear about your son being unwell, glad you got a quick diagnosis!!!
    diabetes is not a nice thing to have but at least its controlable!
    i wish you and ur ds all the best!!!



    Glad to hear you are all ok..just logged on now.

    At least you noticed something was wrong, these types of things could have gone un noticed quite easily.


    Ah Ed thats terrible and its very hard for kids to understand, my nephew got type 1 diabettes at 12, he was very ill for a while (just to get it under control) He is 19 now and is fantastic how he manages, he lives in a rented house and is now over in France for the summer.
    All the finger tests and insulin are so much easier to use and pain free not like years ago.
    Every year there are develppments ini medicine, I would recommend that there are alternitive treatments that can incurage the pancres to start working again, might be worth looking into. Sure only last week an Irish doctor found a drug (not for diabettes) is great for helping diabettes kidneys to keep working and prevents damage later in life


    Ed – so sorry to hear that your son wasn’t well, but like HMM said, great that you picked up on the symptoms and got it checked out.
    Diabetes can be scary at first, but you will get loads of information and help on it and can be easy enough to control. xxx


    ed only seeing this now ..glad he is ok now and that it was found on time ….


    Poor little pet give him loads of kisses and cuddles from us xx


    I’m so glad to hear that you are all ok. I know its not easy to get that kind of news, but i think everyone is right to say that its good to get an early diagnosis and treatment.
    God bless.


    Ed I cant find the link for that site, but as far as I remember it was Reflexoligy (sp) that can be used in the early days to stimulate the pancreas to work again. Might be worth checking out, but it has to be done in the early days and with the consent of you consultant as it can make it abit harder to regulate the insuln levels, my nephew and brother found out about this too late for them.

    HMM is right, I think there are 300,000 people in Ireland who have daibettes and dont know 😯 I check my bloods ever week or so and I will be starting to do ds aswell, he drinks loads and wee’s for Ireland 🙄

    You can live life as normal but my poor nephew wanted to be a marine biologist but wasnt allowed to follow this career due to the diabettes, it broke his heart and he even flunked 2 exams last year as he was sooo heartbroken, but he’s gotten over it and has great support from the hospital


    Hi girls, out for the day today, have to go back in tonight. this is to get us and Robbie used to looking after it without supervision from the nurses. So far all is going great. Robbie has started to prick his own finger and test his own blood. this morning he gave himself the injection of insulin. i am so, so proud of him, he is a great child and his moods have changed dramatically since this was diagnoised. he in in much better form and smiling a lot more too.

    Taylor, thanks for that information, will check it out definitely.

    As a few of ye have said it can be undiagnoised and lots of people can have it without knowing but that is type 2 diabeties. Type 1 (which robbie has) will eventually make you extremely sick and this can happen over a few weeks. He had actually lost about 3 pound in a matter of days from all the weeing he was doing. i am so glad i went with my own instincts and brought him to doctor when i did cause it could have been a lot worse.
    Unfortunately with type 1 there is no known cure at the moment for this and will just have to be controlled with diet and insulin injections.

    Wont get out of hospital for good until his blood levels are between 5 and 14. At the moment they are between 12 and 24 so a few more days they should be ok. His levels were 49.7 when we brought him in so as you can see they were extremely high.

    thanks again for all your kind words

    talk soon

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