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    I need help! We have potty trained our near three year old daughter four weeks now. She is fantastic at every aspect apart from the no.2’s! We always put her on the toilet when we feel and when she feels she needs to go but she wont do it in the toilet and then a few minutes after we take her off she does it in her pants! I don’t know what to do, I have bribed her with sweets, dolls but nothing is working. I know that this is a big step for them but i thought she would have adapted to it by now. Any advice would be great. Thanks


    Hate to say this but 4 weeks is actually not too bad. It can take a good few weeks or longer to get it all done and dusted and have them fully trained. We struggled with our elder daughter (who is 8 now) it took a few months to get her fully trained. Whereas with our son, it took 3 days and he was brilliant. Each child is so different and if you force them, it can make them go backwards, so I think its best to try a gentle, yet firm approach. Its all about repetition (which is really time consuming for us mammies & daddies unfortunately)

    Have you asked her why she does not want to do it? Is she possibly afraid of something? There may be something holding her back that you can sort out for her. This may sound crazy butapparently some kids do not like the sound of the poo falling into the toilet, so maybe you can put a little tissue in first, so there is no big sound when she goes. That may help her go.

    Does she respond well to rewards? Would you try a sticker chart? So that when she earns a certain amount of stickers, she will get a treat or prize.

    Potty training can be such a pain! We are even worse off at the moment with our 2 year old – she is having none of this potty training business. She will not even sit on the potty at all. We have blackmailed her, sang to her, put on her fave tv show and all to no avail.

    We tried her on the toilet too and she was a little better at that – well, when I say better, she sat on it without crying or giving out but that was all – she would not actually go in the toilet either. Instead she hopped off it and went pee all over the floor! Its a work in progress….

    Hope some of that helps a little. Best of luck. I wish you lots of patience, you are going to need it!


    My sister is having the exact same problem with her son at the moment,the wees are fine but he just doesnt want to do poos on the loo,so much so that he will try & hold it in for hours…..i will keep an eye on this thread as my sister is close to breaking point over this she has tried EVERYTHING that she can think of & has read all the books & nothing has worked for her so far.


    one of the mums on fb recommended pull up for poo’s – if they are holding it in thats not good for their little bodies.

    Don’t worry too much, usually they get there in the end (we are often at the end of our tether by then but thats parenthood!)


    Toilet training can take ages – no two kid are the same. My near 7 year old still isn’t dry at night, his younger bro has been dry for years. My second child picked it up like a shot, my third fella is 2.5, can sit on toilet and stand to wee by himself without prompting etc, but take off the nappies and it is flood city.

    Maybe she wants to hold onto the nappies for another while and it is her way of doing it. Like a confort blanket type of thing. Some kids just don’t want to be ‘big’ – it is scary……

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