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    Hi all,

    I started my lil guy on hungrier baby after one week of not being satisfied on regular formula: His birth weight was 10lbs. I’m just finding now that his stools are quite formed and slightly dry so I worry that he mite be constipated. The doctor advised that i offer some cooled boiled water and brown sugar and not to change the formula too soon, to give at least 2 weeks. he’s on it 3 weeks now and passing stools more frequently but they are still quite formed.

    Anyone else have or had a similar prob with their little one and what did you do. He seems happy enuf with the formula and it is filling him, just the stools I’m concerned about.
    He could pass stools 2-3 times in a 24 hour period. I’m offering cooled boiled water and some days I put half a teaspoon of brown sugar in, but only once a day.



    Is it SMA your baby is on? I find cow and gate keeps babies regular….



    Ye, I used SMA on my first child and she was grand on it so I started Morgan on it too in the hosp. The nursery nurse on the ward actually advised it cos he was such a big baby. So i then followed on to the blue cap which satifies him more.
    When I say that, it just means he’s lasting 3 hours-3 n a half tween feeds as opposed to an hour and a half on the yellow.
    I’ll keep cow and gate in mind tho. I didn’t kno there would be such a difference in effect on the wee bowels with different formulas.
    I’ll see how we go for another few days.



    I have heard that advice being given sma for bigger babies, thats not true at all!! Cow and Gate can keep the biggest of babies full for 3 plus hours.
    Cow and gate keeps the bowel movements soft like breast fed babies, there is not grunting or pain, the odd leaky nappy but thats about it… I would recommend it 100% or Aptimil


    Thanks for that. I may be giving it a go if no change in next few days.
    I suppose we all just initially go with what we know until a prob arises.


    I think more water is helpful. Cooled boiled water, with or without the sugar is good for softening stools.

    If you are not happy switch the formula, we used Aptamil and found it very good.



    Our daughter had constipation when she was around a month old as she was on a special thickening formula & the dietician at temple street suggested cooled boiled water & putting vaseline on her bum hole & if that didnt work to get lactulose in the chemist,we found that that worked a treat,but you only use it is they havent gone in over 24 hours.if your baby is going a couple of times a day i dont think that is considered as constipation so i wouldnt worry too much.with my daughter after a few weeks on the formula her body was able to digest the formula better & her nappys went back to being mush!!


    sounds exactly like my daughter she was 11lb 7 and had to put her on hungry baby feed at 3 weeks we gave her brown sugar and water every day for the constipation but it got so bad had to give her glycerine suppositories. as long as he still having bowel movements every day i wouldnt worry just give water between feeds to keep the poop moist 😉


    A new baby shouldnt need water in their diet, they should get all they need from formula… if a formula is binding a child up, change it!!!


    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ve increased the cooled boiled water and there’s a slight change in texture of poos ( gaaa it’s teatime!!!) .
    I would be of the same opinion, Taylor 5,that I shouldn’t have to be giving water, that the formula should do the job. And it does but then the consequence is the hard stools.

    So, been researching and it comes up again and again re: sma hungrier baby and constipation. My daughter stayed on the SMA throughout but she was a totally different baby. Very settled and 1 1/2lbs lighter at birth and never had any probs with the bowels on SMA. So could it be just different baby, different constitution or the formula.

    So, bought a few cartons of cow and gate hungrier baby to try out, will alternate and see how he goes.
    Bit nervous cos he has been taking to the sma hungrier baby quite well other than the bowel problem.
    So could be creating a huge headache for our homestead or doing the right thing. I’m so not in tune with my gut feeling at the mo,

    Wish us luck, 😕
    Thanks again.


    Hi Annie,

    I know a lot of mums have posted up here and you are probably tired reading them all but I remember my daughter getting very constipated when I changed her forumla from SMA Gold to Red cap. It was really bad – the crying and pushing. So I contacted a Pediatric Nurse and she told me to go back to Gold straight away and my mum told me to add that little extra water to the bottle ie 3oz food 3 1/2 oz water and so on.

    It was amazing the change in her bowel movement and in herself within a couple of days.

    In fact I never changed her Formula again and she stayed on Gold until she was 2. I introduced Cows milk from age 1 on but still gave her the Gold at night.

    Hope this helps but as they say go with your gut.

    Happy baby = Happy mammy !!


    Hi misemammy,

    Ah no thanks for the info. I’m delighted with everyone’s input.
    I’ll see how he gets on. He did take very well to hungrier baby SMA but it’s just the dry hard poos I was worried about and sometimes straining during same. He was getting up the wind and satisfied after feeds and opening his bowels at least once a day. I just couldn’t satisfy him with SMA first stage. I know they’ve the same calorie and nutritive content, but the Sma blue cap is just that bit bulkier and worked for him.
    I’m probably mad even trying him on different formula but we’ll persevere.

    ps. Just weighed him this morning: He’s 5 weeks and 13lbs12oz. Thriving!!!

    thanks for your comment


    I’m a very happy mammy this morn and Morgan a very happy baby.
    Started the cow n gate hungrier baby at 9am yesterday morn, contnued on through the day. Asked the OH to give an SMA before bed just in case, I was having a much needed girly meal out in the ESB. Came home to be told, he forgot to give the SMA and gave cw n gate. Baby slept from 9:45 til 4am. Had his bottle and produced his first normal baby poop and another one there at 8am. He’s not burping as much tho. But seems nice and contented.


    Thats great that he is happier already.

    Its a bit late now when youve changed the formula but dont SMa now have a comfort formula you could have used?

    Anyway, if he is happy now, all is good.


    Thats great – its amazing how some little changes can make such a big difference.

    Hope lots more easy poos to come!! 😆 😆

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