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    In autumn 2007, AIMS Ireland began its initiative to collect Positive Irish Birth Stories – it has been a huge success!

    AIMSI appealed to women across Ireland to send us in their positive birth stories to be displayed on the AIMS Ireland BB and website. Our goal was to give women giving birth in Ireland a place to read Irish stories – especially as most stories in books are from the US or UK!

    Our hope is that by highlighting the positive aspects of all types of Irish births through these birth stories that women will find some of the reassurance and information they need to feel relaxed about birth and birth choices.

    We have great appreciation and admiration with the women who have volunteered and shared their experiences.

    Positive comments and Submissions for other positive births stories are welcomed. We ask for all individuals to treat these stories with respect and dignity, as they are deserved.

    You can read the stories already submitted here:


    This is an ongoing initiative – please send us in your stories – by name or anonymously

    Thank you and enjoy reading!

    AIMS Ireland

    Submissions for website: info@aimsireland.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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