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    Hi Ladies,

    AIMS Ireland is looking for mums who had positive birth experiences in Ireland for a new page on the AIMS Ireland website and possibly to be used in an Information Booklet AIMS Ireland is writing specifically for Irish mums.

    We are looking for stories relating to all birthing experiences – cesarean, hospital birth, VBAC, home births, inductions, etc

    It is the mums choice to remain anonymous

    You can send birth stories to:
    jene@aimsireland.com or info@aimsireland.com

    Thank you!

    Jene Kelly
    Chair of AIMS Ireland


    what exactly is it that you want to know?? im a bit s**t at putting things into words 🙂


    My son’s birth was a water birth and it was wonderful. Never want to have a kid on dry land again after that!


    Great ladies!

    Yummy Mummy – we are looking for positive stories – stories that would give other mums reassurance from reading them.

    I guess an example would be that we get emails from alot of women worried about a scheduled cesarean or induction – we would love to have stories from women who had really good experiences in these senarios.

    Birth Stories are extremely powerful – they can give women incredible reassurance and confidence!

    What is a positive birth story?

    I think it is any birth where the mum felt supported and empowered in the birth of her child. She was treated with respect and dignity, the staff were caring, her wishes were granted…etc.

    There is a great story on Magic Mum of a mum who had a cesarean and the team went out of their way to make it a really special time for her.

    I hope this clarifies things! 😀


    Hi Jene,

    i wrote a long email to you yesterday, i love writing and even though i mentioned I had a tear I was trying to make an otherwise negative situation into a positive one……there were many positive aspects of my birth……but after seeing it all written down, the negatives seemed to be jumping out of page and i realised that maybe this would not give another women reassurance…….I feel more positive than negative about my experience…..so thank you for chance to write it down anyway.



    i had the epidural and was not scared at all once i got that, they possible only want natural birth stories though, i did not find having ryan hard (punmped up with drugs lol) asked for a mcdonalds half way through.


    No ladies!

    We do notonly want ‘natural’ birth stories!

    Not all women want natural births – we really want stories that women can relate to, stories that will make women feel reassured

    AIMS is looking for stories for epidurals, cesareans, inductions, waterbirths, home births, MLU, births with doulas, births with a friend or mum, etc…all birth senarios.

    Only criteria is that it was a positive experience for mum 😀


    well, i was 18 when i gave birth to my son, so that might reassure young mums :)i may have to give an insight into what happened me while i was pregnant but i wasnt aware that i was.
    in aug 2000 i was in an rta and broke 2 ribs and my pelvis and was also unconscience (sp?), anyway was in hosp for 2 weeks, x rays, scan,s ct scan, pain medication you name it i had it, left hospital 13 days later on crutches for 2 months, found out in sept that i was preg and had my first scan in nov ( only after i told my parents as i was only 17 at the time) to which i was 13 weeks pregnant which made me pregnant the time of the accident and throughout all my scans etc. this horrified me as i thought that could do major damage to the baby but he was as healthy as the next ababy TG. Docs didnt know if i could have a natural birth due to the broken pelvis but i had to stick it out and wait till i went into labour to see what happened.
    i was 14 days overdue and i was brought into hospital on monday the 14th may(due date was 1st may) to stay overnight as they were inducing me tuesday morning. Got there monday evening around 6pm and was given a bed and hooked up to the monitor machine which spouts out all that paper ( sorry cant rem what it was called) anyway everything was fine and dany so i fell asleep, woke up about 3am with niggling pains but said nothing but found out later the next day they were contractions, so the left me for a few hours on tuesday to see if i could go myself but by 5pm on the tuesday evening still nothing so they brought me in and broke my waters, there was merconiuim( SP?) in the water ( he had poo’d inside me) so after they broke the waters they brought me back to my bed and hooked me up to that machine again. They gave me gas and air and a pethadine shot in the leg, the gas and air made me very sick (sorry girls whose reading this) but i vomited several times, i had the diaraha but couldnt get out of the bed with the machine strapped to me so i had to go in a bed pan, morofied thinking of it now, but at the time it was the last thing i could care about 🙂
    the gas and air made the right side of my face go numb 🙂 so all in all i was very attractive giving birth 🙂
    anyway 5 hours later, out came my beautiful baby boy 7lb 7oz and as healthy as could be!!!!

    even though it sounds all negative it really and truly wasnt its only looking back on it now i realise how much i actually went through in my preganancy and birth of ds, who by the way is a happy healthy (bold as brass ) 6 year old boy 🙂

    also i couldnt praise the staff in OLOL highly enough, there was 3 doctors in with me while i gave birth, the one i had all day was finished her shift at 9 but stayed with me till after i gave birth. there was no beds in the ward so i had to sleep in the labour ward, but the nurses were so nice that i didnt care, they made sure i was comfortable, they let my family stay a good while longer than was allowed. one nurse came in during the night when ds woke up for his 2nd feed and fed him for me bless her, she told me to go back asleep but i could i just lay and watched her feed him.

    As i said im kinda bad at putting things into words, but i presume this is the kind of story you were looking ofr, if this doesnt reassure mothers then i dont know what will 🙂


    God yummy you went through the mill and at such a young age…good on you for staying so positive about it though 😀 They do make it all worthwhile though the little un’s !!


    Well I flew through the whole pregnancy no sickness no wierd symtoms so that nine months was fine.
    I went 1 week over due then on the saturday night about 11 o clock started to get bad diareeah and stomach cramps I thought it was food poisoning rang holles street they said to take shower, felt a bit better then after 5 minutes just the same I walked round the house for 3 hours thinking still i had food poisoning duuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr then began to bleed so we legged it up to holles street in a taxi trying to avoid all the drunk sat nite revelllers staggering around.
    Got to hospitel and they got me settled at that stage i was 7cm 😯 so i decied to go without pain relief as i had never fancied the epidural.
    Then dd got in to difficulty so the put a monitor on her head while still inside that was a bit wierd but still no bother.
    Every contraction i could feel poo going everwhere but the midwife just keep puuting down fresh paper stuff 😳
    dd seemed to be o.k and i made it to ten cm `and began to push but not a lot was happening really so about three more docs came in did the epesiotomy (not hurt at this stage) and used the ventouse and out she popped, dont remeber her crying but dp said she was a grey blue colour 5 mins later dp had her in his arms while i got several yards of stitches 😆
    the whole experience was fab, yeah it hurts but I always say if you knw why you are in pain its not as bad as a pain coming from no where.
    The staff were fab and i felt informed and relaxed throughout even with no pain relief.
    the time in delivery was only 3 hours or so and she was fine 9lb baby

    Now a beautiful 4 year old who nicks my make up 😆


    oh and i loved he whole thing so much i asked for copies of my labour and delivery notes and read them every so often , few blood splashes still on them 😆


    well mine was pretty basic, went into labour at 5 in the morning got the little pains, kept running up the stairs everytime i got one was not scared at all, john got up then about 7 i never woke him now he was the one who panicked not me, started ringing the hospital, the pains were getting more frequent so we went into hospital about 2 in the afternoon, i was only 2 c dilated and stayed like this for hours they sent me up to rest, nearly sending me home when the pains stated getting stronger still managalble and the midwife checked i was 5 c dilated so off we went to the labour ward i walked down with my bag, when we got there the noise of the other woman was what put me off so i asked for the epidual then and got it about 10 that night, the rest was no pain, chating to the midwife about 2 that morning then ryan was born had to get the ventose as was not able to push could not feel a thing and out he popped all 9 pounds of him, i did not find the pregnanch or labour hard it was when i got home but thats a different story, would do it all again, really broody now for sis or bro for little ryan


    well my story began on the 14th of December wasn’t due till the 24th went to bed on the wed night and woke up with niggley pains then got up and went down and started to read Roddy Doyle hahaha so i was distracted form the pain then Mil came home drunk and was annoying me so i went back up to bed but the pain got worse got dh up around 4 and he brought me in to Hollis street they hooked me up to a machine and told me i was in slow labour gave me a bed in a ward and dh went off to get a few things the doc came around at about 9 and told me i was in slow labour and to go home and take two paracetamol and come back in on the Tuesday which i had an appointment for…….. so as soon as i got out side the hospital my contractions started coming fast went home to my mam like a baby sobbing and terrified mam kept ringing the hosp but they were saying no she isn’t in labour she not to come in……. started getting sick with each contraction i had and still i was afraid to go in………………… so at about 8.30 that night mam rang an ambulance and we went in we were pulling up to the hosp and i was looking out the window and seen the ambulance bumb in to the ambulance in front of me so in a middle of a contraction trying to laugh and cry at the same time i was telling my mam the ambulance driver came in and was trying to calm me down and telling me in all his yrs as an ambulance driver that had never happened to him ….. so they hooked me up to the machine again and i was 7c dilated so i was brought straight up to the delivery ward i tried the air and gas but kept getting sick and i was stoned kept saying stupid things to my mam i was in the height of pain and i wouldn’t let DH in the delivery ward i would have killed him if he was there with me 👿 …….then got the epidural and it started to raise to my heart it was only on for about 5 mins and my heart rate was dropping and dds rising so they switched it off mam was really worried but i didn’t care because my feet were warm 🙄 so at about 12 mam went outside to let dh come in to see me and i had started to push as soon as my mam went out the door so dh made it just in time and i trying very hard not to laugh at him because he was asking were is the cloth for her head even the midwife was laughing and dd popped out at 12.15 they gave her to me and she started pooing all over me ……………it was the most scariest and presious moment of my life and nearly 7 yrs on id so do it all again 😀


    I would loved to have got a copy of my notes!!!

    Here is my story – pregnancy went fine, got diabetes in the last two months and managed it with diet control. Because of this I was brought in three days early to be induced (as baby could be very big), went in for 7pm, booked in and waited, was given gel at 10.30am and they advised DH to go home as it would be a long night, they didn’t expect anything to happen. So at 11.10pm I started getting pains every 10 minutes and after 1.5 hours they recommended a bath- which made it worse, then I had the tens machine on and at 1.30 they checked me and I was 4cm. Brought to labour ward and given gas and air (deadly stuff!!), DH arrived in a state of shock, I had rang him and he left the house but he stopped on the way to make sure he didn’t dream it!! By 3pm I was 7cm and then everything just stopped, still had contractions, just no progress. They broke my waters and E had pooed in me too, so the monitor was put on. I got the epidural at 6.15 and by 8 still no further on, so my Dr. recommended a c section because it had practically stopped and the merconium, so we had a chat and decided to go for it. So E was born at 9.43am on Friday 25th June – weighing only 7lbs 4oz – so much for a big baby!!

    When I look back I laugh at how my Doctor (Milner), the anaethesist and one of the midwifes were all living in the Clogherhead area – and they all seemed to know my inlaws!

    I loved being pregnant and enjoyed it thoroughly – would do it all again!


    Well here is my saga 😆

    Was 6 days over and was at home and big as a whale when my waters broke. It was a Monday night at around 12 o’clock so dh rushed me to the hospital and got that lovely examination with the light up your falooja. Now here is the funny part. While the lovely nurse was examinging meand looking at my nether regions …torch directed at it she began to make conversation and said "I see you have a dog….I can see the hairs"…now you should have seen dh’s face…he thought she was referring to my falooja and was wondering what the hell had I been doing with the dog. But of course she was referring to the dog hairs on my socks 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Well was taken in and was waiting til the following night for any sign of contractions. They started at one oclock Wednesday morning and by morning were five minutes apart. So me thinking I’m the great girl and that I could handle this no problem was brought down to the labour ward…where a lovely doctor decided to inform me that he was going to induce me by drip. So I said to him "basically you are telling me that you are going to make my contractions more painful and closer together" and when he nodded I proceeded to tell him that I hated him.

    Started the inducement drip at 11 o’clock and had some gas and air which I thought was class. Then had a shot of petadine at 2 o’clock. By 4 I was begging for the epidural but was examined and was 8cm dialated so they brought me to the deliver suite where I had an episiotomy and pushed for Ireland and had a beautiful baby boy at two minutes to five. 9lb 1 oz and delighted I didn’t have the epidural as the pushing actually eased the pain.

    At some points it was scary as babs got into distress and was in a funny position and they had to vacuum him out and umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck but the hospital staff and doctors were fantastic.

    I would definitely go through it all again as it is well worth it and definitely a truly amazing experience. 😆

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