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    considering buying one for dd to have in car…….we travel to Galway at least once every 3 weeks and the last few times she has been totally bored and restless…….also we have a long flight to US in july and could use it then…..just wondering if anyone knows anything about them or which one to get?????…..dont wanna spend a fortune but want one that will last


    Just spent a lot of time researching this. Went to D.I.D had none, harvey normans the same. Lots in Argos & also Halfords.
    Was thinking of the phillips duo for the car €239 in Argos, Halfords also had Next base duo €289 (a bit dear for me) so was gonna buy the phillips. Did some research on Amazon.co.uk & phillips got slated. Managed to buy the next base duo that was in Halfords for 118 Sterling! Bargain!!! (It got really great reviews on Amazon) It arrived last thursday, have since gone from Drogheda to Cork & back…. so much less hassle 😀
    You can also use rechargable batteries & there is a plug & lead for use in house


    Did u order from Amazon, Tranquility? Sounds just the job I’m after too…What, if any accessories would u recommend?



    ordered from amazon & got it 3 days later. They have headphones for them as well but I didn’t get them as my son is a bit too young to keep them on! The only complaint I have is every time he getsinto the car, even if we’re going down to the shop 2 mins away all i hear is him shouting Bah Bah!!! looking for Barney 😀 Ordered DVD’s as well really good value.


    thanks for the info….will check amazon……..whats he battery life like??????…..would it last an 8 hr flight????!!!!!!!


    havn’t used it on batteries yet. Only used it in the car… maybe bring extra just in case!!!


    oh that sounds good!! When your using it in the car does it plug into the 12v plug?


    you plug it into the cigarette lighter


    oh thats great, i have a little plug in the back of the car. Need to get one for ds2, peppa pig mad and the Bee movie… he is only 1.5 and runs about yelling "mama dvd" or "mama Bee bee"…. have seen the movie about 20 times this week

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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