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    Ralph Lauren Fragrances introduces
    POLO RED PARFUM – a confident and sensual fragrance that will immerse you in the seductive and thrilling feeling of the open road.

    Featuring actor Angus Cloud, content creator Sharl, and model Varsha Thapa, the POLO RED PARFUM campaign was captured in the California desert and embodies the exhilarating journey into the desert expanse: the heat captivates you; the golden-hour horizon beckons – vast, mysterious, and yours to discover.

    Created for those who embrace the unexpected, Ralph Lauren’s POLO RED PARFUM is an into-the-night, long-lasting and undeniably intense scent.

    Cloud captures the essence of POLO RED PARFUM best, saying, for him, the fragrance is “classy, yet casual, but distinguished for any occasion… and the key—it lasts all day.”

    Master perfumers Christophe Renaud and Olivier Gillotin brought a new level of intensity to POLO RED PARFUM with the intoxication of absinthe and opulent orris to soften the edge. Sustainable bergamot and diva lavender heart merge to refine the scent, and the classic masculinity of cedarwood finishes the trip with seductive ruggedness.

    The captivating blend of notes includes:

    Sustainable Bergamot Heart, Blood Orange Oil, Pink Peppercorn

    Absinthe Oil, Orris, Sustainable Diva Lavender Heart

    Musk Accord, Cedarwood Heart, Opoponax Accord

    Consciously designed, the refillable bottle was crafted in a rich, sensual red with a modern silhouette and gunmetal accents and cap.


    In 1978, Ralph Lauren expanded his lifestyle brand to encompass the world of fragrance, launching Lauren for women and Polo for
    men. For more than 40 years since, Ralph Lauren Fragrances has developed best-selling fragrances that express a distinct personality and luxury lifestyle in line with the Ralph Lauren tradition. Today, the brand’s portfolio spans Ralph Lauren and Polo fragrances,
    including Ralph Lauren Romance, Ralph’s Club, Polo Earth, Polo Blue, Polo Red, Purple Label and more.

    150ml [€‎102], 125ml [€‎99], 75ml [€‎79]





    This is absolutely gorgeous, my sister had it on a weekend away and I had a go of it. Its going onto my christmas wish list!

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