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    AIMS Ireland would like to hear from women who have attended OLOL for public maternity care in the past 14 months.

    In November 2010 AIMS Ireland were made aware of a new service available to women under the public scheme called "The Midwife’s Couch".

    AIMS Ireland were informed that the "Midwife’s Couch" has been running over a year and is an option for women to choose to have their ante-natal appointments with midwives rather than the traditional consultant led format. AIMSI has been informed that this scheme is for women attending OLOL publically and that while there is some criteria to attend, it is more inclusive than the MLU.

    We are interested to see how many woman have:

    A) Been informed of this as an option
    B) Have used this option

    As the scheme has been running for just over a year, we are looking to hear from women who have attended OLOL within the past 14 months only.

    Thank you!

    AIMS Ireland


    what is the midwives couch??


    I voted no, but was booked in back in April / May of this year.

    Is this the MLU?

    I went to the MLU this time – one word – FANTASTIC! X


    I was booked in in Jan 2010, I wanted to attend the MLU but didnt fit the criteria due to an illness I had the year before on my pregnancy with ds.
    Wasn’t told of this Midwives couch though..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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