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    If I hear Enda Kenny or any of the other politcians talking about how the ‘silly season’ is over and now its back to work I may well self combust.

    The fact they had 8 weeks off when the country is in dire straights is an absolute joke and now they come back and start talking nonsense on day one about how this will be the worst budget ever – er, hello, they said the budget would be EASIER this year. They swore we would not be crushed anymore but now they are going back on their word – yet again.

    And as for the HSE, where do we even start. James Reilly slagged off Mary Harney very publicly for not getting a better price on prescriptions from the big drug companies. He talked about how much he could save as Minister for health if elected but he is now doing exactly what she did on this issue – A BIG FAT NOTHING. The prices have not dropped and people are struggling to buy prescriptions when they need them.

    My poor Nanny is 86 and her medical card expired. She had sent her renewal (my uncle is her carer and we are 100% sure it went in to HSE) but they said she never sent it. They made her pay for doctors appts and prescriptions for 3 months until they sent her a new one and during that time she felt so pressurised about the household charge, she paid that too. Its sickening.

    My mum is off to Spain and is going to buy her years supply of Lipotor, Asprin and Amoxicillin there because they are less than half the price over there than they are here. Why should she pay crazy money for them here? She lost her job a few years ago, got no redundancy, does not get any unemployment benefits but does not qualify for a medical card – so why should she buy them here and why are they so expensive. It makes no sense. She goes on hols once a year and piles up her prescriptions. That saving probably pays for her little holiday come to think of it.

    So bloody annoyed, if I got my hands on Enda Kenny today, I would throttle him. Silly season my arse – its always silly season for that lot. :twisted:


    Hi Sabbi,

    If your mother has a ppsn number and she buys drugs on a regular basis – she can apply for the drugs refund scheme. You pay 132 a month – whether an individual or a family and the remainder is paid by the state. For people on long term prescriptions it is definately worth joining,

    http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/Find_a_S … nt_Scheme/


    Sabbi the very same thing happened my mother with her medical card, i told her to send it express post as its then a recorded delivery….. she got no card and rang up "we never got it, you must not have sent it in, you will have to reapply and this can take a few months!" Then mam said Oh i send it express post and An Posts Track and trace said it was delivered on X Date. The girl on the phone said "i will have to ring you back" she did 10 mins later and said "we found you form and your card is in the post" 😯 😈 😈
    I think this is a scam to cut OAPs off their medical cards to save a few months here and there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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