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    Hello All

    It has come to our attention that some of you are having problems with PMs lately, just a few pointers for this issue:

    1. Ensure your inbox / sentbox do not reach 100% capacity as this will possibly stop you from receiving or sending messages.

    2. You will notice after you send a message it still sits in your outbox, it will stay there until the receiver has opened it.

    If you have any problems with PM’s or anything else on the website please contact me at your convenience.

    Best regards,

    Mumstown Team


    am i the only one having to log in twice to get in to mumstown or is it a problem with my computer it gets annoying as i cant see the new posts 😥


    that happens to me sometimes Noleen, but hasnt happened to me in a week or so… but drives me mad when i cant see the new posts too!!


    That happens me too….

    Thanks for the advice my box was full so its all empty now but that wont be for long 🙄 Need to do a tidy up on the laptop too…. long over due


    hi just a note to ask if there is a spellcheck on the mumst site post,
    i was sitting here the other day trying to figure out some words and ended up not posting the reply.
    thanks for help


    I am having problems with the way the right hand content of any of the pages are displayed. If I jump to a topic the topic page is displayed from the top of the screen down but if I try and scroll down the page position jumps down. Only experiencing this since end of last week. Any ideas???


    I hear ya TLENNON, I thought it looked like changes were being made to the format of the homepage and chat forums, all adds etc from right of page are now on the left, thats grand but the page jumping as you scroll down is a bit annoying…………was wondering if its something i’m doing?


    same here and i keep having to log in keep getting fecked off….. are you trying to tell me something Admin? lol


    Hello All,

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, there have been some issues on the backend of the site which we hope to have fully resolved within the next 2 weeks, there will be an upgrade, hopefully this will add to your enjoyment.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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