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    Our campaign wish to announce that on june the 27th at 2 pm we are holding a protest outside Our lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. We have been receiving verbal support from all over ireland but even though we are very grateful of the support verbal is not going to reopen a ward, verbal is not going to fix broken limbs on a child, it will not keep a theater from closing down . what we need is people power, we need you to stand along side us as people power is what we need. If our elderly could march for there medical cards than we can do it for our children. In the hse and governments eyes our children do not have a voice, so we have to be there voice and make them Harney Cowen and Drumm wake up and hear that we the parents and family of children in Ireland will not sit back while you put a child’s life in danger.


    I have to say that with this forum being for mothers of children, that a request of support for our children’s hospital in crumlin is frankly being ignored,
    What is it that they say if it does not affect you ignore it, well you can not and must not ignore the issue at our lady’s hospital in crumlin as yu can never tell when some day your child might need the theater that has closed or the ward that has closed and will it be than that you get angry and not now. I beg you on behalf of your chlldren and the children of ireland to please support this campaign,


    Hi Teresa, I will travel down I think it’s such a disgrace what the government are getting away with. Thanks for posting and letting us know that this march will take place. Thank god I have never had to use the hospital yet for my dd but you are so right you never know. Our Lady’s Hospital was amazing when my sister was patient there growing up I really can’t believe nearly 30 years later they are faced with this crisis. Thanks again, J


    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, Lets hope we get the much needed support this sat,



    my dd is in the daily mail today for thre campaign against the closure of wards in OLHSC in crumlin
    will try and get up on saturday if i can get someone to mind the 4 children, dh will be there


    Thank you Joey.
    I understand what you mean with getting someone to mind the children I myself am a mother of 5, As i say to everyone try your best to attend as our children need us to do this for them, Our campaign attended the dail debate last night and i have to say we are sickened by the responses of harney and her supporter did not get to catch his name, but he had the gall to blame parents for cutbacks in operations on children stating if dates do not suit the parents they change the date, also that some children would be to sick to undergo a operation so that is why they are cancelled, we will be attending again tonight and wait for the outcome of the vote.


    saw it on tne news last night.i t makes me mad the way the goverment try blame the parents. 👿 i know from working in olhsc how bedclosures etcspell disaster.its heartbreaking for parentsand families. and frustrating for staff. hope saturday goes well.friends are planning on going.i myself wont be in ireland. going to italy.good luck.(sorry verbal support is the best i can do at present!)regards


    Dh is gone up there tonight too, good luck


    At 8.30pm on the 24th of June 2009 I was a witness to a crime – a national crime and/or disgrace!

    I was seated in the public gallery of the Dail in Dublin at the invitation of Dr. James Reilly and Fergus O’Dowd TD’s when a vote took place. On the agenda was a private members bill. It was a plea by Dr James Reilly (FG) to the government to release the 9 million Euro’s needed so that Crumlin Hospital could FULLY provide the vital services its can provide when properly supported by a decent government.

    A vote took place at 8.30 to decide if (a) the funding would be provided and as a consequence (b) to show if we had that decent government.

    The result was utterly shocking.

    By nine miserable votes the Government, Fianna Fail, the Green party and the Independents who have been bought off in many ways, decided NOT to help a national institution do the work that helps and stands for every child in this country. They voted NOT to provide just one percent of the total budget funds that can be allocated for the national health service.

    The useless stone cold faced lump that is Mary Harney, who by the way was in hiding for the previous debate before 8.30 and only dared show her face when a vote was called for, joined her comrades in crime in helping to inflict further pain and suffering to our nations children.

    After they took the vote to deny the vital needed funds there was shaking of hand, the patting of backs as seen and witnessed for example between Jackie Healy-Rae and Brian Cowen as they self congratulated themselves on a job NOT well done.

    Never was a sickening sight so disgusting to see.

    In the public gallery above looking down was many, many parents who had brought in their suffering children to let them hopefully witness those that might be able to aid the health problems. I personally witnessed one young family with a boy of 4/5 who clearly had physical bone structure scoliosis problems, become utterly devastated, dejected and angry as one by one of the elected TD’s of this state in power, voted to deny the resources that might help their son above.

    NEVER have I felt so angry in my life at seeing the devastation on their faces – caused by a morally corrupt gang below in the Dail.

    Ladies and gentlemen, three weeks a go our leading figures in government swore when discussing previous abuses to children of our state, that they would from then on "Cherish our children".
    It only took them three weeks from that to utterly destroy their credibility, lie and totally reverse that position by their actions in the Dail on the 24th of June.

    The issue of Crumlin has gone further now than just an issue of helping our nations children, its gone further now than just keeping wards and theaters open. Its gone to the heart (or lack of one in our government) and lack of credibility of Fianna Fail, The Green and the useless Independents that last night voted to kick sick children they they are already down, even further.

    On the 27th of June at 2pm a protest meeting outside Crumlins Hospital is taking place and I shall be addressing those there.
    I shall be calling for a national day of protest at the ineffective, double-crossing actions actions of those still struggling to hold onto the reins of power.

    Its NOT just about Crumlin any more, its NOT just about children any more.
    Its about how this nation in just three weeks has allowed itself of utterly destroy promises to "cherish our children" in just three weeks and what we, the people can do to rectify that situation.

    I hope some of you will try to be there on the day.


    We’re talking here now about a political organisation, a government body that in the space of three weeks in the Dail, swore to uphold and respect our nations children after a terrible, terrible report on the abusing of children for many years, yet just three weeks later here we go again by deliberate inaction, further by their cruel actions inflict pain and suffering more on our children of this generation also.

    If that alone is not a reason to protest and try and dissent, remove the useless shower that actually patted each other on their backs last night, grinning like Cheshire cats at each other for seconds before denying funds to keep a hospital running!
    What (ironic) sick minds actually are able to do that and then behave disgracefully?
    I’m sorry but if that is the way a TD, a supposed representative can behave in supposedly my name – I for one no longer want him/her there representing me.
    If thats the case, we should all dissent as dissent people.

    The manners, the lies stated in the Dail, the proven factsthat were exposed last night in the Dail was/is a stain on our nations name and character.
    If all the above is not reason to dissent, I don’t know what is.

    Would someone try and explain to this child…

    and his parents why exactly the useless shower should still be supported?
    Good god! What in hell does it take to get agreement that the morals of Cowen and Co have reached an all time low!
    The above child will have to wait another YEAR at least because of their vote last night, for corrective surgery!

    There was actual tears in parents eyes last night in the public gallery when the vote result was announced.
    It was a terrible day for a nation.

    Just three weeks was all it took to further expose the government shower for the evil, cruel shower that they are! Including the Greens and the Independents siding with Fianna Fail (who did it as a political manoeuvre to say in cahoots with FF).

    A bad day indeed!

    Yesterdays date is a date that in the future will be seen as a date which will go down in infamy!

    The motion for the funds was lost by 9 votes.
    9 votes that cost 9.5 million pound! 9 votes that ensured that 1%, thats right, 1% of the money spent on our nations health care, wasn’t going to be spent!
    God fcuking god!!!

    EVERY member of the opposition parties turned up to try and help our national institution.
    JUST so they could be defeated, Fianna Fail last night dragged in every member of their own party, used every independent including the useless Jackie Rea (claimed €89,000 in expenses last year alone on top of his €210,000 Dail wage) and used the Greens too to get the funds turned down.

    It was shocking sickening, disgraceful and shameful.

    EVERY Fianna Fail person,
    EVERY Independent,
    EVERY Green party member can NO LONGER say they represent and cherish the lives of our children in this country.

    They ought to ashamed of themselves for their actions last night, to their dying graves!


    I spoke yesterday morning live (at 8.15) on air on TV3’s morning programme to the nation and to the presenters about the current situation, not just aboutmy own child but about the situation in general.
    All there in the studio on air – and more so off air, TOTALLY agreed that we have allowed those holding office to reach an all time low.

    The whole situation is just terrible, terrible.

    This government doesn’t give a damn about you or I any more. They just want to keep their asses in their political seats. Thats all.

    For example: As the debate started the day before, for the time Mary Harney was actually in the Dail, she was too busy fixing her hair, texting on her phone and chatting to all around her, than actually listen to other representatives of the nation that was supposed to be speaking on behalf of you and I.
    She couldn’t give a toss.
    Last night she didn’t even turn up (to a matter that DIRECTLY effects her department) till finally she was forced to – when a vote was called!
    Where she was till then in the building you can quite guess yourself’s!
    …and that folks is the attitude of the present government that is lumping more taxes, levies, bills on YOUR heads.

    Its far, far gone beyond the time for them to go…


    Oh my god Biggins, I am actually in tears after reading your post. What has this country come to? 😥


    Biggins you and your family are so brave as are the rest of the familys whos children are suffering due to our government.
    Hopefully this saturday people power will show them in office that we as parents are not going to allow our children to suffer , we are going to be there voices and scream to high heavens until they are ripped from there seats and peoplewho do care are put in place. as veronicas son who is pictured above said to me last night i am going to tell Mary Harney i want MY LIFE BACK


    We wish to announce that our campaign group, are holding a protest on Saturday 25th of July at 1pm , Location main road out side hospital. Reason for our protest to to demand that all closures be reversed. We want the theater reopened and also St Joseph’s ward to also be reopened. Prof Brendan Drumm promised myself and 3 other parents 3 weeks ago, that the theater would be reopened. This has not happened, it still remains closed. as does St Joseph’s ward. Teresa Shallow spokesperson mobile; 0852711401 Save Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Campaign


    Hi everyone,
    as you are aware from above post i am holding a protest this sat,
    I have lost alot of my numbers of people who gave up some time to help hand out flyers to let people know about upcoming protest,
    If anyone can spare a hour between now and fri i would really be very greatful.
    you can contact me on

    Teresa ]Save Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Campaign

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