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    Hi there,

    Please can someone recommend an alarm company/ person?

    Someone very trust worthy & reliable & not expensive?

    I want them to make suremy current alarm is actually working properly, if it was tampered with & i suspect we will probably need an upgrade & possible need to move the box, so will be looking for a quote?

    Really cant afford it at the moment but i just dont feel safe in house anymore so it has to be done.

    The guy who originally insalled system was a complete coyboy & it cost us a fortune, we could never find him since to ask questions about it so im very weary of alarms people since, ripping me off.

    Thanks a million.


    Eircom Phonewatch.

    Could not recomend them highly enough.
    Think they are doing a deal at the moment as well.


    Hi, my DH’s uncles does this and I would have no hesitation in recommending him….
    If you like I can pm you his name and number.


    Try Kevin Prout, He in phone book for Louth area,


    Byrne Alarms Ltd, 9838503. Kevin is the main man. They’ve been in business in Drogheda (covering Louth, Meath, North Dublin and parts of Monaghan) for over 20 years. If you don’t go with Byrne Alarms make sure to use a company that is NSAI certified and PSA registered.


    John Long of JVL Alarms, Certified and in business at least 30 years. Our Alarm is in 5 years and we’ve never had a problem, if we ring for a service or for batteries to be replaced int he wireless monitors they are with us within 24 hours and will give you a time of arrival and stick to it, which is invaluable if you can’t hang round. Based in Dundalk but services all over the North East.



    Hi there, Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.

    I must look into it asap, still getting all the locks changed at the moment and extra onsput on.

    I actually did ring eircom phone watch but they said their software is not compatible with our wiresfree alarm, so they would have to install a whole new one at the discount price on 1600 , then the monitoring is 19 a month. Putting in a whole new system is totally out of price range at the moment – how can i justify it when we only got a state of the art (supposedly) one put in 3 years ago!

    We really just need to get the one we have fixed and monitored.

    How much does monitoring cost usually? do other companies take a monthly direct debit. what other companies are around?


    We have a wire free external alarm in our house so that potential burgulars/intruders are caught before they do any damage to your doors or windows trying to get in. It’s a brilliant system butI might be a bit biased as my husband is an agent for the company. We have the system at the back of our house so that if anyone tries to get in over our back wall an alarm goes off inside the house and you can also set it up to ring you if the alarm goes off and you are not in the house.
    It’s only new to Ireland but it is huge in the UK! Here’s a link to the website

    My husbands name is Andy and his number is 086 8233880 if you would like a demonstration of the system. (We are in Drogheda, but he can travel anywhere!)


    MaryE i wouldnt TOUCH eircom alarms, have major problems with them years ago! Willing to take you money but if you phone line goes down they dont want to know, in Dublin an engineer is with you that day but in Drogheda it can take 3 to 4 days….. in my case in Five oaks it only took 4 MONTHS to get my phone lines sorted….
    Byrne Alarms are good in the business years….. maybe you just need a test on your system and to check if you sensors are working, we are having trouble with one of ours at the moment for some strange reason, dh is just going to replace it

    Carol Mcgee

    Paddy Lenehan 087 6383049 looked after our house and business alarm he would check it out and has never steered us wrong. Ring and get a quote


    Thanks for advice girls – rang a few of them last week.

    Found out the guy who put my alarm in was never licenced but claimed to be, he is being prosecuted but is no where to be found.

    God some people, like he lived in Wheaton hall with his family & seemed really genuine – Its hard to know who to trust anymore. Makes you feel like a right idiot!!

    The panels (comfort) he was using were imported from the uk & not well known at all.

    Seemingly because it is wireless, the other companies systems arent compatible with it.

    Anyway, looks like we may have to put in a whole new system.

    Have a friend of mine who use to work in alarms, trying to find someone in ireland who may be able to repair it but things not looking good.


    oh god thats terrible… is your house wired for an alarm? I know ours was. If it is you could go to eastern electrical and price an aritec alarm, once the wiring is done to fit it wouldnt cost too much

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