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    Financial Companion

    I received a phone call a few minutes ago from someone very close, to confirm that his dw got results yesterday and has breast cancer. This afternoon, they will attend a meeting with the consultant to get more detailed information and to discuss the next steps. The news for her is compounded by the fact that she lost her mother and two aunties to breast cancer, so her concern is understandable. I’m reluctant to include the 2nd part of his conversation as it can seem too much like business, however, it is real life and does make a difference. He then said "we never got around to doing that specified illness cover". While the important thing at the moment is her care and treatment, there is no arguing that a payout of €100,000, €200,000, or €75,000 could remove pressure from other areas and also make sure that no level of treatment would be beyond their reach.

    I would ask everyone that reads this to do 2 important things. The first, on a regular basis for yourself (or your partner if you’re male) is to check yourself for early signs. There are no shortage of advice sites out there, this one gives a concise explanation of self-checking tips … -exam.aspx The second thing I would ask, is that before this coming weekend is out, take 5 minutes to check whether or not you have specified illness cover in place and that it is sufficient. Not accident cover, not hospital cash cover, not medical insurance, not income continuance (which can all be valuable benefits) but Specified Illness Cover (also sometimes called "serious illness cover" or "critical illness cover". If you have, I hope it is a complete waste of money for you and that you retain good health. If you have not, I hope you consider looking at your options, and if you take out the cover, again I hope it is a complete waste of money for you and that you retain good health. You can always decide to check it "soon" or "sometime" but chance is, it will go on the long finger and not get done. It would be great to think that nobody reading this will ever have a serious illness but we know that’s not the case. I was 39 when told I had cancer and thankfully the treatment worked and so did the specified illness cover. Apologies for the long rant, this is just a topic very close to my heart. As always, more than happy to answer questions. Dave.


    Had to take this out recently because we always thought we had it

    Hope your friends wife will be ok and they caught it early

    Financial Companion

    Many do Lisa, with all the different terminology, it can get very confusing. Expecially as most people that take any kind of cover out, usually file it away and don’t give it another thought for years or until something happens.

    I hope so too that it is one of the many, easily treatable kinds if caught early!

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