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    HI all,

    Hopefully someone can help, a few months ago there was a furniture group selling furniture,beds, rugs ,bean bags etc in the town centre in Drogheda, does anyone know who they were ??? they had the leather bean bags and sofas for the kids and im desperate to find them! They had a fabulous brown leather bed with matching lockers and drawers and mirrors at great price they were all on display!

    I really want some of the bean bags for the creche!

    I have traced the town looking for them and cant find them!!

    Please help!!!

    if anyone bought anything form them or knows anyhting please it would be great help.



    Hi Jo,

    Have you tried IKEA? You can check them out online first, they are having sale at the moment as they are celebrating a year in Ireland.

    Good luck!!


    hey there is a place in newry over beside the home section of dunnes that sell leather bean bags and cubes and stuff i got one for ds and he loves it and not too expensive cant remember what i paid and think the shop is pound stretcher and there is anouther one across from that called b&m bargins that get the leather beds and stuff in its worth checking them out

    hope it helps


    I know the place that displays in the town centre is from Flowerhill in Navan! hth.
    Did you look at the budda bags the the Instyle design sell? they have a huge sale on at the moment, they are over beside smyths

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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